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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing
Boston Marathon Bombing,, So pointless,
so tragic.. Tremendous sympathy for victims..

How "these" young men could have life experiences
that could transfer or end up expressing
themselves in this manner onto the streets of
Boston is going to be one of those cases, I
believe, that will not make any rational sense
in any way..

Additionally you have the second younger
suspect, who appears to perhaps have been in
a position to have his thoughts and actions
influenced by an older sibling.. End result being
that a young person who had won scholarships
ect..Just threw his life away.. pointless

I hope it is not determined at a later date that
their motivation came from fundamentalist
related religious/cultural influence..

But this hope may be forlorn.. not as if any
other investigative discovery could in any way
provide the slightest satisfaction..

8:03 am pdt 

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