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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Very well done...tremendous respect/humility for sacrifices made by those willing to fight for their ideals. Bravery of the nature being displayed is where we can see that collective repositories of knowledge and awareness related to those things that people used to proclaim, as being self evident, still exist and are proclaimed once again.."we (humanity) will be free".."we will not give up our right to self determination".


My thoughts were shared on this developing situation back in March of 2012. It is always hard to tell if your voice or efforts are being heard..Sometimes it's a matter of thoughtful timing, and multiple creative placements best suited for hoped for dissemination. Other times you just have to try and be one of the shouting, horn blowing, drum beating "Whos" as in "Horton hears a", and hope/pray for the best.

10:25 am pst 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reform efforts continue to progress.

Efforts aimed at global economic reforms, related to currency/global economics, continue to move forward. Our reform efforts related to eliminating harmful "Religion/religious" based impacts also continue to progress. Colin Stuart McCoy

4:24 pm pst 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Past post revisited- 9-9-12 The Democrat Party USA Utterly Corrupt and Manipulative

Occasionally I will go back through past posts..and find problems with their content or construction,, The above "Titled" post is such a case. In this post I was making a strong statement about serious integrity issues within the Democrat party USA.. These conclusions were based, in part,  upon an event at the National Convention in which language had been changed in an important part of the party platform. In my past post it is "garbled/mangled" concerning what the outcome of the voice vote was. A motion to Keep/restore the deleted language was held.Clearly,clearly, clearly--3 times a vote was called, and it was clear that the majority present wanted the language restored..Yet party leaders corrupted the vote tally process, right in front of multiple cameras..and called the results in favor of the clear minority.


1:44 pm pst 

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