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Monday, May 12, 2014

Update: What about separation of church and state? and Tigard Tualatin School District another troubling situation not addressed?

On two Posts dated Aug 23,25, 2010..

I recently re-read these posts..I am not overly satisfied with the entirety of these posts, as they tend to be overly wordy, and they lacked clarity on some important issues that I did not catch first time through.

I think a point I was considering, one of many, was that we currently are able to separate from employment in the public sector those people that belong or support notorious hate/discriminatory groups. I also found the efforts that universities take to accommodate those students who are rightfully offended by the presence of such thinkers, who are members of the teaching faculty, of interest. I think I then extrapolated, as our awareness's continue to grow about discriminatory groups and processes..What about mainstream social groups or religions that have been causing life destroying harms through their ongoing discriminatory "cultural/intellectual" processes. Why should a person or group get a pass on accountability just because they claim the harm they do is based upon their faith/religion- I say that they, or their group should not..We just need to be sure and not go too far into areas of past historical failures while we address these very real social shortcomings.

We need to be sure and stay away from those other failures while we attempt to discuss and then resolve, in a positive fashion, these very real societal harmful contributors. 

And really if you have/had a religious organization/s willing to use it's political/financial power to destroy lives or pass legislation that allows groups of people to be targeted by these "church's" discriminatory processes, Why should the members of these organizations be surprised if they find that by their actions, they/their groups have finally reached the point that the backlash to said actions becomes similar to that experienced by the more notorious hate/discriminatory groups in our society.

(The realities behind these truths raises some tough problems, but issues and problems that must be addressed regardless. How do we have real/honest needed conversations about harmful processes and their real/actual origins, and create from those conversations other needed progressive growth in awareness's or realities that will be actually able to aid human society in the time lines required. For human society must face the real and pressing need to accomplish some very critical global/regional course corrections..and do so without factually crossing lines that should not be crossed, or inflaming the irrational natures/reactions of those no longer capable of having rational conversations about very important human social/cultural issues in need of reform/ improvement?)


I think the general conclusions/concerns are still right on the money..I think that there is some measurable validity, as with some forms of police profiling, that problematic behaviors may be noted or experienced within certain groups/or associative organizations. I also think that some personal associations, such as being a card carrying KKK, or Skin Head member may be a valid dis-qualifier for many public sector, tax payer funded positions of employment, and the courts of the U.S. agree.

So, to be clear, on the issue of hiring for public sector, tax payer funded employment positions..I do not support any process that would, in the overwhelming number of real world possibilities, support any process where a persons religious affiliations would be something that would have to be disclosed or even discussed, or sought after. Simple affiliation is not a fair, safe, appropriate/reliable indicator in and of itself, in this particular area. 

I do support more vigorous hiring standards training and processes that would screen out those persons that have discriminatory beliefs. ( Pretty much, discrimination in all things has a overwhelmingly strong link to ignorance and intellectual dishonesty. Address these societal shortcomings and you would help eliminate discriminatory processes.)

Again acceptable processes would look very much like those that have been successful in eliminating those persons that embrace racial or gender discrimination from the ranks of public sector, tax payer funded employment positions. Noting that as of this date, in these areas room for improvement, as problems still exists, remain.  


6:34 am pdt 

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