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Friday, June 20, 2014

Pope Francis-- Marijuana policy statement about as wrong as you can be.

Reports claim that Pope Francis is against the legalization of marijuana..Pope demonstrates he is still capable of being about as wrong or demonstratively ignorant of needed reforms in this area as is humanly possible. Nothing "needed" in support of justice, or truth, or the promotion of a healthier society exists within Pope's stated position. 



5:04 pm pdt 


It is beginning to look increasingly unfortunate that Ukraine was not timely provided the needed resources to secure their borders..  

I think I remember this suggestion being made?


11:26 am pdt 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


It has just been reported that the monthly death toll from sectarian, or anti government violence has climbed to nearly 800 persons.. Roughly being broken down as 600 civilian, and 200 security force personnel. 

I keep hearing the voice of some idiot saying "mission accomplished"..

I continue to see some clear similarities between current events in Iraq, and those events that took place in Vietnam ending in 1975. 


6/11/14 update.. News reports have been coming in that report anti-gov forces have seized control of many towns and cities over the past 6 mths give or take.."ISIS". 

11:54 am pdt 

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