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Sunday, July 27, 2014


As long as the west continues to embrace a "Neville Chamberlain" strategy in the Ukraine, rest assured, history will repeat itself given the opportunity..At this time, due to delays, it is very unlikely that it would be productive for the United States to provide much more aggressive, non-economic/sanction based support without the support of it's European allies. Europe and the USA need to be thinking in terms of a "Berlin Airlift" united style of effort, in conjunction with the same degree of resolve found during that period, as well as that seen during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ship, tanker leases need to be being actively and publicly explored. Alternative supply lines created. I E. assets required to make an embargo of Russian gas/oil feasible need to be seen being actively sought out. While earlier in the crisis some moves could have been made without telegraphing significantly ahead of time these related intentions, now the Russian Government needs to be told quietly, non publicly.. that they need to seal their borders with Eastern Ukraine, in regards to any and all military support, The cross border artillery use must end..Or NATO/USA will come in and help seal the borders,  and keep, create the foundations for peace, themselves,, and if Russia wants a war they cannot win,, If President Putin wishes to explore an end to his political career similar to what Saddam Hussein experienced..Then by all means order Russian military forces to fire upon allied peace keepers. Bottom line, the violence must stop, if the current situation is allowed to continue, odds of escalation, or unacceptable outcomes will grow.

(Ukraine should be a battle of ideas, with the Ukrainian government and people able to freely interact/ socialize and do business with those people, organizations that they individually or collectively feel would be in their best interests,,Instead of what is currently ongoing..I would like the steps needed to end the violence taken, followed by the international community getting to see the West, Russia, as well as the global community come together in a spirit of co-operation, making the best proposals for Ukraine, and then I would like to see this process spread across the globe.)

Re: Hardlines... Sometimes being able to see the brick wall that could potentially present, can allow more co-operative policy creation/decisions, and dialog to occur?

4:00 pm pdt 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Africa, ongoing Ebola outbreak

I hope the people, organizations responsible for tracking and resolving such events are doing their jobs.. I would suggest/hope that developed/western countries are putting in place the needed number of investigators, and trained medical personnel needed to double, perhaps triple the numbers currently deployed. I would hope that these people would be ready to go within a couple weeks if not sooner if the number of new cases does not drop significantly soon. Infected people escaping from hospitals in a nations capital, or becoming highly symptomatic on jet airliners, not what we want to be seeing at this time. CSM

Point of consideration being..without sounding disproportionately concerned based upon the realities of Ebola's current degree of communicability. Organisms will typically attempt to evolve in the direction that will give them the best chance of survival...Including virus's... Each out break provides the virus an opportunity to evolve into a strain which could possess a greater degree of communicability. Why play around, get out in front of the outbreak, eliminate potentials for said evolution. 

12:57 pm pdt 

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