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Friday, September 26, 2014

U.S. Attorney General- Mr. Eric Holder

Dear Mr Holder. You served our nation, it's citizens with honor and integrity. You helped to restore aspects of trust/reason and integrity to processes that had been lacking in needed quantities of same for far too long..

Best wishes on your future endeavors...I hope with all my heart, that whom ever is chosen to take the position next, follows your lead and builds upon, in a positive fashion, your legacy.


Colin McCoy 

11:14 am pdt 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Realistic Monetarism, Realistic Reality Based Monetarism- It's for real.

Realistic Monetarism-- I was asked "if it's "real"? Would it work? Yes, it's real..Yes, it works!!! Consider this..We are currently spending approx 2.8 billion dollars per day more than we take in, in tax revenues...We are currently sitting at $17.8 trillion dollars on our National Debt.. That's $17.8 trillion dollars we have spent as a nation over and above tax revenues..Some we have borrowed..some we have essentially created out of thin air..

We need to consider the possibility that those funds borrowed, were borrowed, in order to help maintain the illusion behind U.S. and other global fiat currencies. An illusion, which is, that currency/money represents a finite resource within our traditional understandings of the term.-- ..I.E. that money is a resource like wheat, or gasoline..... but it is not..

Look what we have been doing..the wheels have not come off the bus....Let's lose the pretext.. Let's let everyone in on the game..

Clearly we see the potentials..It's the future..It's where we are going if we are going to survive, productively, progressively as a species..

Clearly if properly managed..hundreds of billions could be additionally infused into the the benefit of the poor, the sick,. the environment..ect.. and done safely!!!

This process could occur in every national economy across the globe..

 "Realistic Monetarism".. It's the future!! It's the next global economic "ism".

Colin Stuart McCoy 


10:07 am pdt 

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