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Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally... Wide spread reports across nation of criminal court processes/conviction review efforts getting more fully under way.

While I rejoice at this increase in awareness and activity, I mourn the thousands upon thousands of lives needlessly/unjustly, negatively impacted or destroyed by these related McCarthy-istic era/processes of wrongful or "over-convicted/punished" criminal court processes, that were/are being allowed to go on due to fear based policy creation, dangerous cultural shifts away from an appreciation for concepts supportive of liberty and justice, and under funding of critical criminal court infrastructures, Infrastructure originally put in place to help protect all accused. -and thus the innocent as well.

(You go back 20 -30 yrs, and yes we had problems with perceived and real inconsistency, or flat out lack of accountability in criminal sentencing processes/law making. Our country began a needed shift--but the process became hi-jacked by those who used fear vs reason/research based reforms, plus the "war on drugs" was incorporated/grafted to the process--the sheeple went along as planned due to successful dumbing down and media conditioning/impact. - Then the recession of 07/08 hit in earnest.. A national/cultural disaster that will take decades to mitigate results.)

Another victory for the 100's, 1000's people and organizations similar to the Sunrise Foundation that are helping to bring about the above mentioned positive awareness shift.


Our courts have been getting it wrong at least 4.1%  in capital cases..yes we have been sending innocent people to their deaths through out the modern era.. It's worse for non-capital cases.. 100,000 thousand factually innocent people in our prisons today?- perhaps more..?..millions who have made it back out into society and walk the streets today, as permanent second class citizens ..What kind of a godless, animalistic society could permit this to go on?? USA.. Largest prison population in the world..per capita, as well as just numerically. Land of the free--Bullshit, not even close....( free to be un -educated, free to stumble around and act upon opinions with out the support of facts, ect..)

Free ?... free to operate societally in far to many instances, with no greater sophistication of thought or process than those times in which people were burned for being witches or heretics..

We are a culture of the 15-30 second sound bite, we have allowed critical aspects of our society to become corrupted, in our desire to increase ease of control over important community operations, we have betrayed those hard won human abilities/appreciations for intellectual honesty, reason.. in so doing we are slowly rendering extinct-(currently endangered)- the concept/responsibility for facilitative dialog as an integral part of the process in our governmental operations.. (all aspects)--from the local town hall, or parent teacher conference, to the halls of Congress or United Nations. 

And the world of "Idiocracy " grows.. to be culminated by what will be refered to by our decendants as "the big swim".. this being, the period of our history where the global population drops to around 600 million..



5:10 pm pdt 

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