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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Continued success noted..

With the recent news reports related to criminal justice topics, combined with much of the reform based activity coming from the Vatican.. We add to our success in the growth of positive awarenesses, reform activities related to global/U.S. monetary, religious, environment, criminal justice targets. It took years of work to help bring forth the current changes coming out of the Vatican.

Current efforts are now being focused towards accelerating rate of needed change, as well as continued focus on the growth of awareness needed in bringing about "it takes a village-inclusiveness"  while ending current negatives related to "it takes a village-armed with torches and pitch forks- processes of needless and harmful exclusions"


(Update 2/8/17:) Unfortunately- Yes, a Trump presidency does come under  "accelerating rate of needed change". When the Dems eliminated Sen. Sanders from the line up, Option two "Trump" became the nuclear Gaian choice... Essentially, in order to save the planet, the human species, perhaps the nation..negatives needed to be accelerated, this has been discussed in past posts.."Knocking the wheels off the bus" forcing needed growth in awareness and participation..Could it get ugly? Yes it could.. How ugly? a figure of 600 million remaining human inhabitants has been predicted and tossed around for a very long time. Let us hope for far better outcomes. 

(Update 1/08/21:) Couple weeks to go, well it has been what it has been, my hope at this point is that those that take office after Trump, will have learned important lessons, regained appreciation for needed values, conduct ect.. The human race is in a tough spot right now, far too many innocent people have been negatively impacted through the needlessly harmful processes that have brought us to where we are today. The coming days, weeks months and years will tell the tale..If the Biden teams fails even moderately, what will follow will make many of us to look fondly back upon these past horrible months/years. as a time of plenty and realitive well being. (Yes, failure at this point will have extremely grim consequences.)


12:16 pm pdt 

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