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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Senator John McCain, Born Aug 29th, 1936. Passed Aug 25th, 2018
In the 2008 presidential contest, time leading up to same.. I took some cheap shots at Senator McCain....One  a man of Senator McCain's stature need not spare even a brief moment in response to the non-issue aspects of this, nor did he. He was a man easy to admire, respect.. His time as a POW, his conduct during this time was far above and beyond that expected from the best of us, which he demonstrated clearly he was... Two things.. It was only that he ran against Obama, whom I felt was the better candidate for our nation, but also the failure presented by his team as it selected his running mate..combined with a couple off the cuff statements, such as "Bomb Bomb Iran ect.." That indicated to me that he was not the best choice for the USA, at that time, but I'll tell you what....his courage, integrity, honor ect..if you were a person up against it...or a nation/it's people.. having John McCain in your corner would be for me, a much appreciated, welcome, and sought after reality..from a time in which even the second option was so far above anything that is currently present.. You are already missed.
1:35 pm pdt 

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