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The list of reforms we have published here are the result of work product completed over 25 years ago. Records indicate March, 1992.

                                                 Stage One

1.) Require that large Mega-news media corporations are broken up. Re-establish healthier market share supports..

Reason: Non- biased news media entities are literally critical to the healthy function of a democratic society. Providing accurate information, being constantly vigilant against processes that can degrade our freedoms, continuing to dig for greater truth and understanding is a sacred duty of these organizations. ( I have always been troubled by mega- news/media providers controlled or owned by billionaires or large media corporations.. To me, they demonstrate far to often a lack of being in touch with the needs of mainstreet & our global society. Content far too often influenced/or inaccurately conveyed due to corporate, or other special interests. ) As we look at our world today--We can't really say it represents a result of a properly informed or educated population, or responsible effective governance based upon same.

Throughout history it has been understood, that the ability to control the media, allows you to control the intellectual processes/opinions/awareness's of the masses, We currently exist in a society where this type of media/social abuse is a daily occurance. the clear negative impact from same is easily seen.

Breaking these large media corporations up into smaller entities would also remove much of the monetary rewards/incentive that can be an enticement, for some. Folks who may be in need of greater respect for the public service aspect of the news media process. Operating these media entities is a public service and should be approached as such. When it becomes too much? about profit the product and process can suffer.

We also need to enact  "truth in news" provisions, best managed through consumer advocacy groups, similar in size and scope to the Better Business Bureau, and backed with civil litigation tools available for the worst cases. Additionally when you have a failure of process, where governments for the people, by the people, switch their apparent focus towards a corporate vs a citizens/societies best interest through co-opting courts etc... You end up having these types of reforms needed and discussed.

(We don't want government sponsored truth police). Having a consumer advocacy group properly empowered civilly for the most egregious of instances could be a key component. We believe those media sources that present their product through what is more of an editorial structure are deserving of increased focus..( Simply reinstating the "Fairness Doctrine" could solve the worse problems currently produced through these sources.

{Please note: 6/20/10 That since our first touching upon this issue years ago, we are seeing a growing number of processes, similar to those we have proposed coming into being.}

Again, it is in this area that a simple return to the "Fairness Doctrine" would be a helpful tool/solution in trying to restore an improved balance/accuracy/truthfulness to this part of the editorial process.

(Example:) This citizen group or organization could present "awards" posting annually or quarterly lists of media/news organizations determined to have published the greatest quantity of intellectually unsound product, as well as "awards" for those who have provided the highest caliber of work.. So that citizens can quickly see, and better evaluate what is being put in front of them and by whom. 

An additional reality can perhaps be focused through the following. It has been said that in order for fascism to take hold in a society, a culture of ignorance must be created, or exist. In the U.S. in addition to our problems with our media providers we see growing reports/clear evidense of failure within our public education systems. Is this due to un-healthy, corporate influenced 1% thinking ? Our public schools seem less and less about serving the public, or addressing those issues important to the public.

A well educated, socially aware editorial staff, allowed to do their jobs by their employers, is another critical component to a free and healthy media news/information source. In the U.S It is clear that crucial social/historical awarenesses have been lost.

Due to systemic failures within our/the effected food industries we have had to enact truth in advertisement and labeling, as well as stringent inspection processes to protect ourselves from being regularly put into the position of putting things into our mouths that are harmful to our health.. How can we be less vigilant when it comes to what we put in our minds?

Does this mean we believe that the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated? yes, absolutely. Clearly it's removal hastened the corporate medias ability to pander to our lowest common denominator, with their infotainment, greatly accelerating the dumbing down process. (The internet must be protected as a vibrant source of support, criticism or analysis. Fair Use standards must be clearly defined, and reasonable use permits must be allowed, so that those interested in providing support, criticism, or analysis can do so reasonably without having their freedom to express themselves unduly restricted. With far greater leeway, and consideration given to those entities that operate in an attempt to serve the public interest, and do not operate for commercial purposes, or gain. Solutions to the Fair Use issue appears straight forward, as long as those wishing to make use of it's provisions are willing to take steps that recognize and respect, and are designed to protect the interests of the copyright holders.)

2.) Oil/Coal companies nationalized.

Reason: The oil companies have demonstrated that they have the ability to continually capitalize on the failures/weaknesses of our current political structure, to humanities growing peril, through what amounts to a process of both legal and illegal bribery. These organization have repeatedly demonstrated that their pursuit of their corporate goals take precedence over the well being of not only the citizens of the United States, but the citizens of the global community as well.

These companies have worked to halt/slow the development/implementation of many cleaner, environmentally friendly technologies. These efforts over the past 30 years could very easily be seen to be a leading cause of an oncoming global environmental collapse. Human society, as a measurable majority, has for decades seen more harm than gain from these corporations. What we have seen is our freedoms slowly destroyed as these companies and their ilk continue to flex their political might through our corrupt political system. As we have seen a continual failure of oversight of our financial institutions, we see similar failure here.  Management/control of critical resources that have the ability through mismanagement, to negatively impact humanity on such a massive scale cannot be allowed to exist without being directly answerable to the people they serve, with any "profits" also being directed for the benefit of the people. The economic resources these organizations command must be seized and immediately put to use for the creation of healthier infrastructural needs. 

(This was not a part of our 1992 reform package, but clearly it is an action that must be taken if the people want to aid/ease the needed effort required to reclaim their birthright of recognized freedoms and civil rights. As well as taking needed positive direct action to improve the functioning of the democratic principles with regard to the U.S. Republic, while also giving us all a better chance of addressing growing environmental failures in the timelines best results will require.)

3.) Election/campaign finance reform: Elections to be made publicly funded events.
Structured to be respectful of equal access to needed media, and free speech sensibilities..

Reason: Healthy, honest democratic processes cannot survive as a "free range entity" in any society in which a particular economic model has been allowed to gain an unhealthy level of control over the political process. In the U.S. that currently means the capitalistic model. . Common sense, as well as past history has shown us that capitalistic based organizations will always seek to gain advantage through the political process, using their economic power in an unhealthy fashion. The forces of competition for survival and self interest demands this under current rules of engagement that have been allowed to be tolerated due to the successful dumbing down of human society. Political processes must be enacted that recognize, and protect the democratic process of choice/reason from undue influence that will always manifest given enough time, regardless of the dominant economic model in place at the time.
4.) Balanced budget protocols stringently implemented.
Due to conditions greatly exacerbated by the Bush administration this may no longer be safe to implement as a stage one process, it may require that this be implemented in conjunction with later stage proposals. It simply may no longer be physically possible.

 Reason: Our political leaders have demonstrated to an overwhelming and consistent degree that under existing rules of operation they are not competent to a terminally when it comes to budgets, and/or areas of fiscal oversight that directly impact the citizens of the United States. One of the historic stop gaps when conditions get as bad as they are now is a taxpayer revolt. Current rules of operation have allowed massive malfeasance to continually occur without the majority of the taxpayers/citizens being able to quickly track and effectively respond to the abuse/failure of process. This has allowed fiscal/political/social/environmental disaster after disaster to occur with the full extent of the damage only being able to be discovered by the effected citizens when it is too late to do anything to correct the situation. A balanced budget process, when linked to our other reform proposals would quickly eliminate the large scale size of the failures and also provide a process to lower the high rate of the individual failure events. 

5.) All Federal income taxes eliminated, replaced in favor of a national sales tax.
Please note: It is at this time the opinion of The Sunrise Foundation that the Bush Tax cuts, as well as the majority of tax cuts that have followed, have been unprecedented in their contribution to the growing disparities between the haves and have nots, as well as being contributory to the ongoing assault against our middle class. We take this into consideration in our reform proposals. Also a sales tax is only unfair if it is created in a way to be so.

Reason: With intent or without intent, bureaucracies/governments will always, given time, grow into entities, that will, without management and oversight, while also being assisted with strict regulations geared to the protections of our freedoms and privacies, become abusive to those same freedoms and privacies expected and valued by the citizens of a free society. The Federal Income Tax, has allowed a monster of an abusive organization to come into existence, the IRS. It has become, even with new laws on the books helping to protect taxpayers from most of the abuses experienced through the mid 90's and beyond, a entity that is a power unto itself. However strongly chained one generation of citizens may be able to restrict it's harmful and abusive potential, these potentials continue to exist as long as it does. The only sure way to eliminate the potential for abuse, inappropriate invasions of privacies, the constant fear that such an organization promotes through it's mere existence, is to eliminate it completely. As long as our system has at it's funding core a system of taxation, as a free people, we must demand that this process of taxation be as non-threatening and as non-invasive as we can create. A national sales/consumption tax is the simplest and the most effective way to go. Create it in a way so as to strongly protect the lives of those making due with lower incomes. We apologize for not being able to eliminate the accounting requirements of the effected business owners, but we consider this to be a small price to bear in order to eliminate/greatly down size an organization, the IRS, that has no business being allowed to exist in a free society. By taking this action we remove at least 90% of the potential victims of abuse from being in reach of this organization, vastly negating it's negative impact on our society. Our research to date has indicated that the first modern/recent organization to organize and promote this type of solution, in the last approx. 50 years, was in fact the Church of Scientology,(This is not an endorsement, just a statement of what our research has revealed to us, to date,)-they, the Scientologists, rightly recognized the need to eliminate the potentials for, as well as the actual, abuse/abuses that the current system represented. As far as we can tell, our efforts came next in the early to mid 1990's, with much of those that followed apparently adopting much of our tech-no speak, and phraseologies. The possibility for this to have been the result of a convergent multi origination evolutionary process is also possible, it would be interesting to look into all origins more when time allows.

6.) Create Bureau of Special Projects and Resource Management. (The B.S.P. & R.M.)
The purpose of this new cabinet level position/office/organization will be to monitor and track the existence, creation, distribution of all national and international resource related issues, be they human, animal, natural, or manufactured. The B.S.P. organization will also be responsible for individual management coordination of all domestic projects, that shall be managed under regional sub offices, that would come into existence as the reforms the Sunrise Foundation, and others recommend are implemented. The B.S.P. will also be responsible for providing the means for international cooperation and coordination as similar programs come on line globally with our international neighbors.

Reason: We believe that the healthy evolution/progress of human society will be best served by working to create/allow what we believe to be a much needed evolution/change in our national/international economic processes. This includes how we manage the reality of modern currency. We are working to help bring about what can be seen as perhaps being a system within a system. 1 part being a free market, capitalistic society, governed under the principals of a democratic constitutional republic, the second part being governed and operated under the auspices of the governments of the international community, recognizing the realities possible under the Sunrise Foundations definition of "Realistic Monetarism". This second part would require the creation of an organization like the B.S.P & R.M  to see that resources, both human and natural, and the projects they create are distributed equally across the globe. ( We recommend a formula based upon a recognized base value that is the product of population size as well as the land area/natural resources of the nation to which resources are being allocated.There should also be included in this formula a process that rewards those societies that have "in a progressive fashion" put into place policies that achieve first a zero population growth rate followed by a process of population reduction. ) A target global population of 6 billion looks like a number that could be sustained with very attractive standards of living being achievable and sustainable. However if we lose control of a collapsing earth environment the actual sustainable human population could actually drop well below 6 billion before environmental stability was re-established..that is if it can be, and we can avoid an extinction level event. It is also important to consider individual economic zone..economies..I.E. stimulas able to be absorbed, sustainable growth rates, ect..Based upon GNP %, ect.. Under processes of "Realistic Monetarism", for purpose of discussion, one method that "created funds" could be specifically targeted would be through a process of establishing industrial/economic codes & zones. Funds could be released and managed through the specific ability to target specific geographic areas as well as specific "job/industry" classifications. Excess funds/currency could be extinguished through specially targeted taxes applied through the same targeting process.

7.) Require by law that at least four times per year, (once per quarter), the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Comptroller of the Currency shall, during prime time, address the nation via television, covering all topics related to the discharge of their duties, and the current state of economic affairs. It may also be appropriate to have some time set aside so that questions may be presented from the audience/viewers.

Reason: Knowledge will set you free. We live in a world that is needlessly barbaric.. Harmful to an extent and in degrees that is not physically needed..I.E. Self inflicted!! Why? How? Because we have as an overwhelming majority of our population forgotten, given up, been distracted away from, a working knowledge of critical truths behind our currency control systems. We appear to have literally surrendered, perhaps even forgotten much of the joy and potential that the gift of human existence should represent, we have done so while we have allowed small groups of people to turn the human condition into that which is comparable, far often worse, than that reserved for uncared for animals. The above mentioned step/s would be a much needed aspect of the re-education effort that must be undertaken if humanity is to regain it's heritage/birthright and overcome the staggering difficulties with which we are now faced. (Update- 1/14/12) We began dissemination of these proposals,(#7), a couple/few years ago..Since then, recently...The Federal Reserve has begun to implement stages of these recommendations as well as the frequency of same.

8.) Pass the required laws so that when government spending is desired to exceed the funds taken in through processes of taxation, that a full budgetary disclosure is to be made to the public. This will continue until it becomes a clearly obsolete practice, made so through the implementation of potentials/processes available within "REalistic Monetarism". This disclosure will be required to lay out in detail how each dollar is to be spent, and will be made during prime time, again utilizing cable/tv. Each political party represented in the U.S. Congress, will be allowed to put forth their deficit spending proposal. It will be accepted that the executive branch's desires shall be represented in the proposal put forth by the party to which they belong. Finally, in a national election will be held. The proposal that receives the most votes will be the proposal/budget addition that is put into place. A none of the above choice is also to be offered. No "deficit" spending may be allowed to occur without voter approval.

Reason: Control of this process must be returned to the people. The past failures especially those seen recently drive home the necessity of this at this time. Also current technology has finally reached the point that such a process could be implemented in a cost effective manner. A critical portion of this process as well as in the reform process referred to in our seventh reform item, would be the inclusion of comprehensive reports on resource availability and sustainability. An impact statement. This report shall include the impact in the effected areas of focus for not just our nation but on the international community as well. Upon the creation of the B.S.P & R.M. it would be the holder of this cabinet level position that would provide this portion of the report and be included in the quarterly reports mentioned under reform number 7. It is also clear that in areas of "deficit" spending that significant portions would need to be regulated through international treaty.

9.) We also believe that another area of important reform relates to how we grant tax exempt status to various organizations. Organizations that discriminate, be they a church, or a social organization should be stripped of any tax exempt status they may possess. These discriminatory organizations should be precluded by law from being granted tax exempt status if they are found to discriminate against protected classifications at either the local, state, or federal level.

Reason: While we have a shared history that has shown us repeatedly the importance of free speech, free association, and has demonstrated many times how in difficult times our faith in these principals has helped to restore needed balances to our society. We are under no moral obligation to be forced to provide financial support that originates either directly or indirectly from the tax funds of the general populace to organizations that fail to adhere to more enlightened philosophies that recognize the importance of non-hate based processes that work to eliminate the harmful societal effects of discriminatory, exclusionary values/thought programming. Additionally, it is a well known principle, that if you are a business or any other organization that will benefit directly or indirectly from the stability that U.S. society provides through operational appreciation of non-discrimination..then of course you must abide by those principles or expect "at the very least" that any awarded status of tax exemption will be reasonably rescinded.

What has taken place within, and without the U.S. through out history, has been the creation of movements and organizations by those that considered themselves to be "elites"?. One group, adhered to a particularly disturbed philosophy that became more prominent in the U.S. over a hundred years ago, this disturbing view point pretty much stated that "peasants" non-elites were too stupid to be educated to the level required to handle the decisions that a "free" society, would require. That making this effort would be just too complicated for the "little people." What circumstantial evidence indicates is that a "process/processes?, has been established, by these same "people"? specifically intended to make this viewpoint a reality. Simply the current state of affairs provides adequate evidence that these processes exist.. Environmental, social, political failures of process..etc. The problems/failures with our media, and public schools have grown far too extreme to exist without negative support structures being clearly present, aiding in the creation of said failures. Unhealthy processes now exist in our society that eliminate not only the effectiveness of well thought reform efforts, but also eliminate the needed amount/quality of discussion/debate required to improve human societies needed awareness and performance.

Relative to research/exploration of this topic, in order to stay grounded, it helps to remember the quote of Napoleon..."Never atribute to malice that which can be explained through incompetence"

What we do know is that we have finally reached a point, due to the numbers of our population that have succumbed to this process/reality, that growing numbers of editorials have posed the question, "have we finally become too stupid/uneducated, as a society, to function/survive/govern ourselves?"

It is natural for people to band together for mutual support, we have been doing so from the time our ancestors huddled around campfires while wolves howled in the night. In modern society this process continues...It is the duty and responsibility of the people to "remain eternally vigilant against the stealthy encroachment" on our collective freedoms, intellectual and otherwise, and not allow these natural processes to reach points where unacceptable harms to society/environment ect results. (Unfortunately we are standing nose deep in just such a circumstances/reality.)

Again, just one purpose of this website, is to aid, in some small way, in the preservation of independent thought outside of the collective. Just one additional place that a person can find information? a protected flame? In a world that produces some pretty gusty, flame extinguishing winds.

When a society has reached the point that it has been successfully conditioned to look only inward rather than outward as well, where it shows signs of questioning less, demanding less, and accepting daily an ever shrinking definition of the potentials of their human experience/life it has reached the point that maintaining a free, enlightened society will be a functional impossibility. This society will no longer have the "strength" to lift the required "weight", nor will they even consider the question of, is there a "weight" that should be lifted, a process of greater awareness that should be striven towards.

(8/4/10, I said awhile ago that if we were still stumbling around "real and comprehensive economic/environmental reform implementations two years into President Obama"s administration..that we would be in serious trouble. Some steps have been taken..not near enough..not going to point fingers, plenty of responsibility to go around..while "rate of decent" has been ever so slightly "decreased", impact is still not "survivable?" at this time.

Upcoming election cycle will provide important data concerning future of US, global community, role of national major media sources..are people paying attention?? Are they tracking the important issues..ect..

Update: 11/23/10, November 2010 election results and polling data provide grim indicators... can things improve over course of next couple of years? It's not impossible...Just unlikely, and processes of decay and destabilization will continue if not checked. 5/3/18 negative trends continue.

                                                    Stage Two

The first stage of our reform process is geared towards creating dialog, and raising awareness levels concerning the control functions present in our global currencies. This will we hope help raise/lead to philosophical considerations as to the actual potentials for change that are present in our global economic monetary structures. A last stage process we hope to stimulate is what the physical possiblilities that are actually/factually present would be able to create, and make reality and how that making the "changes" now, that we have discussed here/elsewhere, may very well 
make the difference in our success or failure as a species on this planet. 
There are people that fear globalization, they hold this word/process out as some kind of boogy man seeking to destroy us all. Let's grow up just a bit. Globalization is a fact of life, it's here, it's growing, it is the future. The only question is in what shape, in what capacities will it solidify/emerge into our  daily consciousness, or lives. How this reality arrives, how it impacts us, our freedoms, the quality of our lives. This is a related topic that people should be talking about and influencing now. Global governments, the collective "we" where applicable, have really made a mess of things here on planet earth. It will only be through working together as a global team, towards a common good that we will overcome the problems that we now face. We need tobe rational, calm, and be open to the best ideas and arguments. Failed processes need to be identified, and intellectually honest, non-hypocritical corrective dialog engaged/facilitated.

A.) Recently a number of discussions have taken place over should the world adopt a single currency? We believe this to be the correct direction our  currencies should go. What we have stated is that rather than go directly to a single currency we need to simply physically link our individual currencies through international treaty so that they function as if they were a single currency. This approach is emotionally more easy to accept. Cultural variety, when base line recognition of human rights are recognized and  enforced, Is a source of strength that should be respected and valued for the positive that it is.
Then after we have some additional time to mature further..after we have grown able to respect one anothers cultural differences/wonderful variety, having a singular currency in appearance as well as function should be made to occur. 

Reason: The current currency control situation makes it very difficult to put in place a global resource distribution process that is as equitable as it needs to be. The current structure is difficult to maintain and lacks the stability required for accurate tracking and measurement. Furthermore the current situation clouds the needed perception of "do we have the sustainable resources to do what is needed" and in fact helps keep us locked into a destructive perception of reality, "do we have enough money". As if money continued to be a physical resources like a bushel of corn, or a gallon of milk. By switching over to a strict currency linkage such as we recommend, we would create the tool needed to implement globally the process under our definition of "Realistic Monetarism".  In Europe there has been some problems the European nations have had with their conversion to the Euro.. Some have been related to the fact that while a common currency has been created, the management/control sytems between the various countries do not have the same capabilities as we have here in the U.S. between our states. Seems to me that this is an oversight that should be corrected so that European nations are better able to defend their economies from similar failure events in the future. Also the Obama administration has recently been suggesting that the U.S. pass/adopt what is being called "The Volker Rule or proposal", I agree that this should be done, I don't think it should be called the Volker rule ect.. as it is designed to pretty much restore financial regulations that were abolished in aprox 1999-- which overwhelmingly helped contribute to the global financial meltdown we have been working through.

B.) Fully discretionary spending only allowed on national revenues derived directly from funds collected from annual national processes of taxation. Allotted spending in traditionally (deficit related categories)would now be required to be made under categories that are humanitarian, ecosystem support and restoration ect. Within these categories, which would be further defined under international treaty, a nation would have the use of their own discretion, but all processess under these guidlines would be monitored through continuous international process.

It is not possible/would be very difficult to list every reform needed...again this page is meant to serve as a start point/or point of reference for those undertaking/engaged in their own journey/process.

Update: 9/9/08-2/5/18 cont.. The original author of the information that we are attempting to transfer to this site, is a current/ongoing target of  vigilante processes of assault through various corrupt aspects of their local government and/or community processes, and what looks like "could be" criminal community elements. This has negatively impacted the information dispersal process.

Corrupt: A definition... Any process that serves to suppress truth, either through the support of avoid-ant protocols or the establishment of processes legal or otherwise that extract such a high price from the person or group attempting to speak truth that such an effort cannot be made/sustained or could be expected to lead to that person or groups financial ruin, incarceration, ect...

Criminal: A definition.... Any person/group or organization that supports directly or indirectly those processes of truth suppression mentioned above, ect..

So that every person may be free and reach their fullest desired potential.