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The Sunrise Foundation views labels with healthy skepticism. Unhealthy Orwellian processes are found too often in the efforts of those who seek to define, one must strive to be aware of the manipulative processes that surround our existence at this time. That having been said, we are not communists, socialists, capitalists, or anarchists. Our solutions to todays complex-multi faceted problems requires that we use those things of value from each/many schools of thought.. 

We believe the solution to the vast majority of our societal failings lie within the mechanical possibilities represented in our concept of  "Realistic-Reality Based-Monetarism", which recognizes the physical realities/possibilities inherent in our modern currencies, and how said currencies are now able to be controlled. These physical realities if fully recognized, while our global societies worked to restructure our national and international economic infrastructure, in such a manner that would seek to incorporate the best aspects of the capitalist, socialist, and communist models, while at the same time discarding the most harmful aspects of these different economic models, would give humanity the best chance to deal with the current challenges with which we are faced, in a fashion/ time frame that that would be the most humane, the most resource efficient, and the most conducive to what could be called an enlightened operational decision making process.

The term, ( Realistic Monetarism), was originated, and defined by one of our founders through processes/research that took place between 1989 and 1995, (CSM). A basic truth that we hold as self evident is that the current economic structure of our nation, and that of the world,----- The way we perceive the value of money, the way we distribute our shrinking resource base,----- Is obsolete. As such it cannot possibly meet the  growing social, economic,and environmental needs of our local, national, and world societies.

It is our belief that the natural evolutionary development of our world's economic structure has been halted at a crucial period in our history, and that it must be put back on track. Were we not to bring about the needed changes in our current economic/reality structure, the damage done our society and our environment could become so severe that it could take centuries to recover, at a tremendous human cost, ----And that is if recovery is possible at all.

The definition of "Realistic Monetarism".

(A system of social/economic organization in which the "physical" realities of our currencies are recognized, and in which the control of the money supply rests more directly in the hands of the people based upon a greater use of electoral processes) As opposed to the current system, staffed with managers selected through overly closed processes, and political appointments, people who at this time are lacking in the degree of innovative thinking required to help humanity best cope with the pressing social, political, and environmental challenges of our time. Dangerously limited by their institutionalized training/perceptions, and corporate peers, rather than using their motivation to serve society as a basis to motivate needed exploration into seeking innovative possibilities better able meet the pressing needs of humanity .)

The statement above, related to the, "current manifestation of the central banking system", is meant to demonstrate a recognition of the "frustration" felt by the vast majority of the citizens of the United States as well as our global neighbors over the extent to which current currency/banking managment processes have played a significant role in denying millions, if not billions of people the opportunity to have the full quality of life that is physically possible on our planet. The statement is also meant to demonstrate the level of frustration existent due to the environmental damage that has resulted globally, and the extent to which these problems have been needlessly exacerbated due to the inability of the established policy makers/managers to think outside of the box, end their Boot to Heel navigation programs, and allow the global financial system to evolve into what is desperately needed. ...Furthermore implementing the above would require the the global populations as well as the citizens of the U.S. be educated on the vastly important role "modern currency controls/policies", have on their quality of life, freedoms and so much more. The Fed Chairman, Board of Governors are tasked with a largely thank less job. A job for the most part they perform with integrity, dedication and real concern for the importance of their task. Again, we simply believe it's time for the current process to evolve to the next stage. 

Realistically, the end product of what we propose would structurally appear very similar to what exists today. Biggest changes would be in the area of global resource management/allocation, greater voter oversight of currency/monetary controls/policies, including a more direct electorial role in some of the management personnel selection processes.

A global currency system where growth is tied into the sustainability factor of the resources being used, international treaties that ensure fair resource distribution, and programs to ensure that growth rates allowed are tied into actual/real levels of sustained absorption rates rather than currently maintained values that promote needless human suffering, and environmental degradations.  

Some recognized truths that must be part of the equation.

1.) You cannot cause a lasting destabilization to the balance between supply and demand.

2.) The draw upon the resources being used to fuel the stimulation must be sustainable.

3.) Healthy people who can work, can only expect to achieve superior financial rewards through activities that are found to have value in the free market.* {With strong protections for the rights of the worker}

* It should be noted that it is the Sunrise Foundation's opinion that:

a.)The "Free Market" that is referred to above as being an important part of the equation, does not  currently exist. &

b.) The free market that most people refer to, when using the term today, has had much of it's needed values/properties and balance destroyed through a constant largely unrestricted onslaught sponsored by grotesquely dysfunctional elements in our societies current corporate, political, religious, and media entities. (This reality begs the question: Is a completely unregulated free market an actual benefit to society? History seems to indicate that the market place actually serves the most, the best, when it is under a fair degree of civilian over site and regulation.)

Q: Is the Sunrise Foundation a business? A: No the Sunrise Foundation Is not a Business. Nor do we have a payroll.

Q: What is the Sunrise Foundation? A: A hope, a dream, we have been called by some a "pathfinder organization". As such we try to address/identify problematic societal impactors, we try to use our particular strength to stay out in front of the mainstream so that as we disseminate our work product, time remains for critical course corrections to be made. Our being this type of an information source has meant that we are can be regularly impacted in a negative fashion by those more conservative, No change in human society made in this regard over the past two thousand years. Hopefully we are a source of information and dialog that it is hoped some find of value, and God willing perhaps someday it could become something more.

Q. You promote yourselves as being a place for safe, fun dialog, yet some of your postings or information come across as a little hostile or confrontational? A. Yes they can be. We do not promote ourselves as being something we are not..cut us and we bleed. We have associates who have been negatively impacted by many of the processes, or groups of people we discuss. Also please do not mistake our being direct with being hostile. One, we try to keep it friendly, turn the other cheek when possible. Sometimes you just run out of cheeks. Two, it also depends on the degree of harm being done. If you belong to a group, or if we detect a negative situation that is harming people without just cause, we may not be very friendly/diplomatic in our discussions or informational dissemination's., Three, In order to create the changes that we see as needed in useful time-lines, it is sometimes necessary to be direct, in order to be a catalyst that can coax the head of various "beasts"/"problems" out into the daylight so that mainstream society can identify them and deal with it appropriately.   

Q: Does the Sunrise Foundation generate revenue? A: No.

Q: In the statement above, discussing values applied through purely free market principles, where is the value delivered to those who work for altruistic enterprises. A: As we also stated, "The free market we seek to see come into being does not at this time exist". In a more enlightened society/economy people who have skill sets and areas of focus that serve the public good through altruistic, or public sector activities would be valued as integral components, the yin and yang of a healthy society/economic system.

Q: I came across some literature from the mid-1990's about your concept, or process of "Realistic  Monetarism" ..In it you claim that taxation would cease, as being obsolete, Yet in your more current information you talk about using various methods of continued taxation? A: In the literature you're referring to, we we're looking out into the future, after the process had had a chance to get under way. At the early stages of implementation government revenue generation would still be based upon, in part, a process of taxation. The first tax that could/should/would be done away with would be the income tax..Primary reason being, abuse reduction, privacy protection-restoration, and simplification. "Taxation" would continue during this period as a needed economic tool to help reduce too much cash in the system as well. However, further into the process, once people and society had had a chance to get their minds around the changes being made, taxation as a form of revenue generation would end..At a business or corporate level, you would still see, as needed, in localized/regional markets/countries etc...a process of excess cash removal that would look very much like a "sales tax" process to the business owner, but it would be called something else that would reflect it's current operational purpose. Monies taken in through these processes would be eliminated with a key stroke that would send them to the "null" file/or shredded. Loans made through monies created for various stimulous purposes could also be processed in the same fashion..I.E. monies extinguished at place of repayment through use of this same "null" file. Prices/wages ect would be based upon new indicators..I.E. Resource availability/sustainability, effort/skill/years of training required, ect..All structured to operate within, and protect the most vibrant/needed aspects of the "Free market- capitalistic based" system, which of course implys that traditional market forces would continue to play their expected role as a contributing determinate in these matters.

Q. How would you track the needed data, and manage same, in order to adjust the needed/various economic control surfaces.. A. Think of the computer systems that are used to track and register the daily activities of the stock market..Needed data collection would take place regionally, nationally, and internationally..Using a series of computer monitored economic data algorithms guided in their formulation by the Sunrise Foundation, created in partnership with world renowned economic experts..

Q. Under your system of Realistic Monetarism would everybody become rich?  A. Under a a global currency control system incorporating "Realistic Monetarism" principles..Managed wisely..No, not everyone would become rich. A system that rewards excellence of effort-creativity-productivity, and all this statement contains/ implies must be maintained. (At least until we as a species evolve culturally to the point that motivational rewards for our efforts moves further into directions that are non-material.)- Which may be never, which may be alright. The point being, is that we must avoid the shortcomings of purely communist/socialist economic/currency management systems that remove rewards for individualized efforts of excellence. Also to try and make everyone rich, prior to having global production capacities up to speed would cause catastrophic problems/RE: Supply vs demand instabilities..Currency instabilities etc.. "Realistic monetarism" is meant to provide workable models/processes to encourage/allow "doing what is needed"- "halting, greatly reducing," needless suffering. & Restoring needed moralities/values and processes of reason to the top of the economic decision making process. Putting said moralities/values on equal footing with the more traditional greed based processes that have taken an unhealthy control of global capitalistic processes. 

Q. So what your saying is that the private sector would function pretty much like it does today, but the public sector would become turbocharged..A.) Yes, some areas of overlap would exist due to the symbiotic natures of the private and public sectors, (But yes.-In the areas of altruistic needs..) Countries would be banned from misusing this process for purposes of military growth etc..By treaty.)

Q: What kind of Foundation is the Sunrise Foundation? A: If you are familiar with the writings of Isaac Asimov, in particular "The Foundation Trilogy/Series" you should gain the answer to this question. Come be a part, and help the process.

Colin Stuart McCoy - The Sunrise Foundation  

So that every person may be free and reach their fullest desired potential.