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This page will contain Articles written by Colin Stuart McCoy related to "Realistic Monetarism", Economic reform, and  Monetary/Currency issues.

Time line: May 2009-- The following piece relates to a conference I was honored to attend, and participate in. I believe the success of the Freedom, Democracy, and Social/Economic reform efforts being spear headed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, are not only critical to the people of the South African Nation, the African continent, but the global community as well. In nations like the United States, as well as others who perhaps have come to take their freedoms, or economic advantage for granted. These nations find that their processes aimed at reform of all type, the advancement of freedom/civil, and economic rights, have been mired in entrenched bureaucracy, and well established intractable "institutions?" within our political/social/legal processes. In South Africa the process is, in my opinion, far more fresh/vibrant, the importance of freedom and the harms and costs resultant from it's absence is still a part of the real and living memories of the people. It is very much more fluid, and less restrained by those processes that have hamstrung other societies.. The opportunity for real progress, and creative solutions exists, in a way, that it may not, any where else on the planet.

{Update- 6/29/11} (USA) I wanted to provide an update, over the last 2-3 years it looks like the most vibrant freedom movement has shifted from the work being done in South Africa, to the U.S. and global efforts we see in the struggle for LGBT equality.) I also feel obligated to comment on the mid-east struggles taking place, I hope and wish for the best for the brave people involved, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the women in Saudi Arabia putting themselves at risk in trying to gain a greater level of equality. I am concerned what the final outcomes will look like in the effected regions.

{Update-10/26/11} (Africa-Rwanda) In regards to the story/article posted below. Rwanda passed sweeping laws in 2008, stated purpose being to eliminate those inappropriate Rwandan based governmental/social/cultural processes that contributed to the genocidal horrors the Rwandan people went through in the early 1990's. Recent reports concerning abuses, legal/civil right suppressions...I.E. freedom of speech/ well as functional/real failures concerning the rights of an accused to a non-corrupt legal criminal/civil legal right to due process--"one that adheres to accepted international standards"..have been coming out of Rwanda--With some excellent work having been done by Amnesty International.  This writer had hoped that the story's of abuse/or the appearance/reality of the corrupt application of the laws in question would not have risen to the level that it has--that the vagueness of some of the language contained in these laws, and that these laws themselves would have been tightened up . This writer now hopes that the Rwandan government under President Kagame will continue the reform process, move to quickly improve the structure of these laws in question, while at the same time working to review and quickly correct/compensate for any harms associated with failures of application tied to these same laws. -- Amnesty International distributed material indicate that at this time the Rwandan government has agreed to review reported shortcomings within this process. {Update-12/1/18} (Africa-Rwanda) Over the past year and more, very troubling stories of legal corruption/abuse of power ect, in regards to government treatment/criminal abuse of lawful opposition political speech, activities, and candidates has grown all out of proportion and beyond that which can be defended. President Kagame has fulfiled a tremendous number of his earlier stated goals regarding economic advancement, ending dangerous cultural bias and more. However, how his government treats legal/lawful political opposition is quite simply criminal, and mimics the behavior one might expect from the most petty of dictators..This must end, it must end now....I am so disappointed..With his talents-(President Kagame), intellegence, recognized abilities in strategy and tactics..No one can convince me that what has taken place over the past year and more is acceptable, or defendable..I.E. as being the only solution possible to whatever concerns were present,..period.

{Update-  6/23/18} (SA) Sadness and concern about South Africa/Africa, and Mandela legacy.. After Mandela retired from active public service a decay in the quality of leadership, vision, with just, effective policy/program implementation, became almost immediately felt. The Zuma years have been a tragedy...biggest failures involve the failed efforts towards economic equity, achieved through a just, economically sound policy process. Initial baby steps taken under the Mandela administration, but subsequent administrations failed to build upon/effectively follow up on successful aspects of these efforts. Serious problems now on horizon..civil unrest-worse could result. Land reform/just compensation/debt service- chaos if not handled appropriately. On the positive side of things...efforts to keep news media/free, appear to have been largely successful as of this date.

(USA)- Degenerative processes within United States Constitutional Republic, growth of Plutarchy (Plutocracy/Oligarchy) continues..Public awareness growing..but with corruption of electorial/media process due to small groups refered to, serious doubt- about being able to bring about needed peaceful change in time lines available, remain and grow.

{Update- 3/31/20} Rwanda- Kagame Presidency/Administration, Over the past couple months reports of peaceful Rwanda gov. opposition activists being beaten, jailed, and even "disappeared"...have grown.. 2/17/20 popular Rwandan activist/singer Kizito Mihigo has died while in custody. Rwandan police say it was suicide, Mihigo's friends and family report that he was tortured to death. Kagame has failed to bring a free, democratic, transparent government to Rwanda as of todays date. Current ongoing/unresolved problems are unacceptable.

(USA)- Degenerative process is all systems within the USA, continue their decline. most seriously in political, environmental, media, public education structures/organizations. Much abused-mismanaged USA "Fiat" currency system, seriously being negatively impacted/further destabilized by need for USA economic support requirements brought about by arrival of Coronavirus "COVID-19". Currency system projected to remain viable through current virus/economic emergency...afterwards it's continued longevity/stability without adoption of principles/properties available through implementation of "Realistic Monetarism"..unknown.

In the article below I made an error.  I stated that George Bush jr. had not made use of any pardoning system regarding war crimes, this in comparison to President Kagame who had...Turns out Bush jr. did at least a partial when legislation was passed in 2006, granting immunity essentially for any war crimes related to detainee treatment ect... 

Our comments in the piece that relate to potential Rwandan war crimes guilt and U.S./European involvement, while understated, as not being the primary focus of the article.. have all proven to be accurate assumptions/conclusions. As I sit here today. and I look at the resources that were in play, the cold blooded nature of the strategies and tactics behind the military and political decision making process and efforts behind the eventual victory/success of the RPF..That people in positions of power did know, and were aware..yet the process allowed /supported/chosen/created/aimed for and then released, and what is now a part of human societal history. Makes me physically ill.  Colin Stuart McCoy- The Sunrise Foundation

Portland Alliance Internet link to Conference Article- By Colin Stuart McCoy


Timeline: March 2009-- The following piece was just another effort to keep the realities of the current economic structures out in front of the publics eye, with an attempt to provide intellectual links to the consequences, and evolutionary societal processes that we must constantly struggle to overcome in our efforts to keep growing and trying to improve in all things. (In this piece I use in a particular context a figure of 300 billion dollars, with the events over the past few years we see that, "this number" could easily be closer to a trillion dollars...but a lack of history makes me concerned about the sustainability of such an amount of "stimulus" taking place without unfairly impacting global resource distribution, or creating the currency instabilities we wish to avoid??)

Portland Alliance Article on Fiscal Crisis negatively impacting progressive efforts- By Colin Stuart McCoy

Update: (After I saw this first published I noted a couple editing errors that I though detracted from the presentation. This piece was always meant to only serve as a shout out, thought, awareness raiser/generator, ect.. and was never designed or intended as a comprehensive descriptive. I consider aspects of it to be poorly written/structured, and in some places confusing, without out further explanation provided. On a scale of 1-10, being generous I would rate it as a 5... I posted it and have allowed it to be visible for a few important reasons. 1.) Points made, truths presented, all remain valid....In a relatively short period of time after its publication monetary potentials alluded to were seized upon to an extent, and with a "corporate/wall street/1%er" greed based, self serving nature that I must admit took me by a little bit of surprise. Continuing to leave the needs of the planet/people needlessly catastrophically un-addressed.  2.) With aspects poorly written, or not, I found that it still served it's original purpose. 3.) I have always believed it is important to document the journey...for me, this it helps to do..) In the near future I will take some time and further address the short comings in the piece, while filling in the needed blanks ect.. 


Colin Stuart McCoy - Realistic Monetarism - The Sunrise Foundation

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