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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tragic Jewish Center Shooting- Kansas
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the victims in this senseless incident. Arrested suspect, a reported former kkk grand dragon..I will never understand this...How can a persons thoughts become so distorted/deranged. These people, as well as his "intended" targets had never done anything negative towards the suspect..Mindless hate run amok..was there a possibility for intervention? prior?? So absolutely pointless.
6:24 pm pdt 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

News reports that China will soon have first military base in Africa
Above mentioned base is reported to be located in Zimbabwe. Further reports indicate it is to be an airbase.. Who could have possibly predicted such developments...:-)  CSM
3:24 pm pdt 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ukraine, Russia, President Putin

Dear President Putin,

Many of your thoughts, beliefs, are well known.

Conjecture about a restoration of a political entity similar to that which existed during the days of the USSR is not realistic under the realities of current global evolutions. As to current situation in the Ukraine..

It is reasonable, as long as you go no further and damage to/or loss of human life does not further result, to expect Ukraine, NATO, The West to support long term security arrangements for Russian military bases/interests in the Crimea 

It is reasonable to, as long as you back up, and remove Russian Military operations from Ukrainian sovereign territory, to expect, Ukraine, NATO, The West to support strongly worded trade protections/access treaty's supportive of Russian export interests.

Sir, Economically Your/Russia position is the weaker one, you cannot prevail, you can only do more harm to your country than to others in both the long term, as well as short term. 

Militarily the Russian position is untenable, no chance for victory under the horrible prospects related to what will transpire if the major parties involved come into such a conflict.

You can still save face, as things stand now..but if things go much further, that will not be possible and ultimately it is projected that your own people will become frustrated with your efforts and your energies will be spent in trying to survive politically at home. 


Colin Stuart McCoy - The Sunrise Foundation 

Update: 3/19/14  President Putin is pushing too hard. The key to best possible outcomes and positively managed future potential lie in non-violence, dialog and diplomacy. The aggressiveness with which President Putin is pursuing his objectives will force the West and NATO to respond with not only more aggressive sanctions but resource re-allocations which will allow Russian gas exports shipped through the Ukraine to be eventually blocked, with the West, NATO then being in a better position to withstand the difficulties that would be more pronounced otherwise. President Putin fears/knows that if he allows pure self determination, conducted without the presence of Russian troops...That issues of personal freedom, and personal economic advantage will become apparent to all involved. Ukraine shifts/re-aligns with the west. His conduct, if it results in more death and property destruction will devolve into open military conflict that the west will not simply sit aside and watch. If his efforts continue, and he pushes further east he will trigger an economic situation in which he/Russia will not benefit, will actually be seriously negatively impacted. Plus he will have created a civil war potential within the re-drawn borders. This is not an acceptable way to progress. As has been noted, Putin's behavior, negates much of the realities historic and otherwise upon which strengthens the Russian position-perspective, and paints Putin as just another petty dictator with ignorant Russian television personalities putting out ridiculous "nuclear threat" language potentials. Dangerous, distracting, unacceptable.

Update: 3/28/14 If western intelligence analysts conclude that Putin does in fact intend to invade/push further into Ukraine militarily. If the goal is to take action that will prevent this, and in so doing prevent all that would result. The U.S. and NATO, upon invitation from Ukraine, must put troops on the ground. It must be made clear that if Russia intends to invade, that the Russian military will have to go through the U.S., NATO forces..Implication being, if this is how Putin wants to play it.. It will mean war with the west. ( I am at a loss as to what Putin is trying to accomplish- to me it appears-troop build up, military supply line establishment- to be insanity personified? ) 

President Putin needs to be told, if it is concluded that the Russian military activity along the Ukrainian border is not "normal"..that said activity must cease and de-escalate or U.S., NATO Troops will begin to be deployed, upon Ukrainian invitation, along the border regions within Ukraine.

Update: 4/11/14 Russia claims Ukraine has an outstanding debt obligation for past Gas/energy shipments/discounts, in the range of approximately $34 Billion give or take..If true..and if we value Ukraine having the best chance to positively resolve all current issues with Russia.. I think the U.S. & NATO countries need to put a fair payment plan on the table that protects everyones interest, and should do so as quickly as possible. 

1:32 pm pst 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Very well done...tremendous respect/humility for sacrifices made by those willing to fight for their ideals. Bravery of the nature being displayed is where we can see that collective repositories of knowledge and awareness related to those things that people used to proclaim, as being self evident, still exist and are proclaimed once again.."we (humanity) will be free".."we will not give up our right to self determination".


My thoughts were shared on this developing situation back in March of 2012. It is always hard to tell if your voice or efforts are being heard..Sometimes it's a matter of thoughtful timing, and multiple creative placements best suited for hoped for dissemination. Other times you just have to try and be one of the shouting, horn blowing, drum beating "Whos" as in "Horton hears a", and hope/pray for the best.

10:25 am pst 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reform efforts continue to progress.

Efforts aimed at global economic reforms, related to currency/global economics, continue to move forward. Our reform efforts related to eliminating harmful "Religion/religious" based impacts also continue to progress. Colin Stuart McCoy

4:24 pm pst 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Past post revisited- 9-9-12 The Democrat Party USA Utterly Corrupt and Manipulative

Occasionally I will go back through past posts..and find problems with their content or construction,, The above "Titled" post is such a case. In this post I was making a strong statement about serious integrity issues within the Democrat party USA.. These conclusions were based, in part,  upon an event at the National Convention in which language had been changed in an important part of the party platform. In my past post it is "garbled/mangled" concerning what the outcome of the voice vote was. A motion to Keep/restore the deleted language was held.Clearly,clearly, clearly--3 times a vote was called, and it was clear that the majority present wanted the language restored..Yet party leaders corrupted the vote tally process, right in front of multiple cameras..and called the results in favor of the clear minority.


1:44 pm pst 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great Movie: Last Call at the Oasis

Everyone owes it to themselves to track down and
watch the above mentioned film.

It addresses problems with the the fresh water
supply of the U.S. as well as the global community.

Film was released 2011, and is based upon a book
written by a Mr. Alex Prud"homme. Title of this book
is "RIpple Effect".


9:58 pm pdt 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

There is no difference in the problem solving process....

When one considers the societal harms presented by
organizations that discriminate..

It matters not if the organization calls itself the

KKK   or

The Aryan Brotherhood   or

The Church of Christian love of God and Jesus

The solution to the problem is, will be the same.

Colin Stuart McCoy

Update: 12/13/13- In order to be consistent I should probably add the "Boyscouts USA" to my list of real and fictional names of organizations that discriminate in harmful ways. 

12:32 pm pdt 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Once more into the breach...What Problems does Colin Stuart McCoy & The Sunrise Foundation find/have with religion

The areas in which I and my Foundation have problems
with religions fall into the following areas...

1.) If it supports or promotes elitism or exclusion.

Such as...

We get to go to heaven and you don't , or your
heaven is not as great as ours..

2.) If it promotes or supports in any fashion
discrimination based upon Race/Ethnicity, Gender, or
Sexual Orientation.

Such as..
You're deemed less fit due to Race, being a Woman,
or your Sexual Orientation, because of which you are
unable to participate in the same equal capacity as a
those deemed more qualified or acceptable.

or you are unable to enjoy the same cultural-legal
benefits as straight couples..

3.) It requires that you abandon processes of reason,
common sense, or an under standing, or respect for
the scientific process. If it promotes intellectual
dishonesty and punishes those who resist.. or
simply wish to question..

Such as ,,

Jesus walked on water. "Really? - How?".. or work
product of the same quality, or similar to, that
produced by the Mormon "Prophets" ??

If your religion will not allow discussion, debate or
dissension based upon reason or fact..It is a

I believe that a goal we should work towards is one in
which Tax payer funded/related Jobs/positions need
to fully embrace principles of non-discrimination..

I.E. K-12 public schools, our military, our courts,

I believe it is intellectually dishonest to expect that
those persons who embrace discriminatory beliefs
systems are fully capable of maintaining the positive
non-discriminatory work environments of Tax payer
funded/related positions..

I believe anyone unwilling to disavow discriminatory
belief structures should/could be grounds for
disqualification from tax payer funded/related positions...

Be intellectually honest..If your offended by this post please consider the following. If you are part of an organization, program, belief structure etc.. that discriminates, and/or uses it's financial/political strength to promote said discrimination..If you are part of group meetings in which you listen or participate in a dialog process supportive of discrimination/vigilantism etc.. you are guilty of hurting people..This is what a backlash to those harmful process can look like. and again, when compared to the lives destroyed , the pain and suffering you have caused, this post is very, very tame..

original post cont..

(Also.. Being supportive of non-discriminatory policies,
or procedures supportive of equality should not be
allowed to be twisted in concept or meaning as including
a willingness to allow those who discriminate or support
discriminatory groups or policies equal access.- Historically
recognized guidlines similar to those found/created to
combat/end racial discrimination should be expected.) 

Update insert: November 26th.. I just wanted to congratulate the U.S. Senate for passing Nov. 7th, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. (ENDA). This would go a very long way towards accomplishing exactly what we seek. Unfortunately the U.S. House, made up of a disproportionate number of folks that still think the earth is flat, will not follow suit. CSM

Original post cont... 

I think it matters not what day or holidays you worship, or celebrate.. I think it matters not whether or not if your faith requires that you eat in a specific way.. I think it matters not if you want to believe in such things as planet Kolob,,it matters not a bit..However, causing problems for those that wish to exercise their free speech rights and say something is utterly ridiculous--when it clearly is...,

or being supportive of the types of discrimination or
dysfunctions listed above--

--Is a material failure that I do have problems with.

For in these negatives lie the germination for Fascism,
Totalitarianism, and Orwellian Dictatorships that represent 
historically proven dangers to the human race and our
global environment.

I do not support asking a person what their faith or lack
there of is, in a screening process for Tax payer
funded/related positions.

I do think it is fine to ask a person if they support
processes of equality and non-discrimination, and that
being very specific is fine.

I believe that Tax exempt privilege should be reserved
only for organizations that confirm to societal expectations
related to non-discrimination

I believe that tax payer supported processes have a
mandate to promote, protect, and enforce a bubble of
non-discrimination..This provides a safe haven for all.

We have over two thousand years of history, a history
of failure that continues through today. Failed processes
that have harmed and continue to harm. This must end

Some might say this process would be overly harsh..
I think that when balanced against the above history
of failure, the processes of correction are a gentle caress
compared to the harms that have continuously been
propagated by failed aspects within various religious

I think it would be wise for all participants of various
religious related activities to consider strongly that any
process reflective of spiritual values of Good, Truth etc..
Any processes that may have the support of a Supreme
Being or Governing Process.. walk in lock step with
the general conclusions, directions of this post...

Keeping in mind that current private sector areas that
are currently open or supportive of discriminatory
processes would remain largely unaffected.

Colin Stuart McCoy

( I wanted to take a moment to explain something
else related to this topic..we are involved in an
educational process. Prior posts related to this topic
have all been designed or meant to get the intellectual
process engaged..To challenge.

We do not support in any way the targeting of
individuals based upon religious affiliations..

and here is why.. Many people who belong to various
religious organizations were born into them.

For some it's an integral aspect of their cultural

A study of the religious phenomena, surveys etc..
all demonstrate that within almost every religious
faith there are clear signs present of members working
and fighting for needed progressive change..

This can often just be a by product of the complexities
of the human condition, our society, our families.

Within every faith you can find those that clearly do
their best to walk in the foot steps of the righteous
teachers..While right next to them you can find the 
most ardent discriminationist or power conduit for the
continued spread of darkness.

So in this matter, simple affiliation is not enough for
use as a dis-qualifier.. So for purposes related to this
post, stay away from it.

(Unfortunately, again, in this, we also have a clear
history of the horrors created by those who would not. ) 

Colin Stuart McCoy

I think it would not be a bad idea for people who consider
themselves to be spiritual or persons of faith.. to consider
the following perspective.

Many, many people consider their particular faith as being
the/their vehicle to what ever post life existence may await..

I think they should consider if perhaps this is an erroneous

Some might, in a spirit of philosophical generosity extend
to all faiths an acceptance of multiple vehicle models that
can get you where you want to go, or will be going, or not.

Again I think this should also be considered an erroneous

I think what people should consider, is that it matters not
what faith you have or do not have. That all people upon
birth have a seat on the bus..and theoretically all they
have to do is just sit there.. Just live...and the bus will
eventually take them to what is, or is secret
passwords are required, no hidden tricks or requirements
behind the process..

The various faiths should be looked upon as simply reading
material, like a multi choice magazine rack..

A person could have no knowledge of the materials on said
magazine rack, and the bus would still do it's job..

but as we all know, having good reading material available,
and making good choices as to what to read, and finding
those things of value within said material..seems to always
make a journey more enjoyable, educational, and can help a
person to often get more out of the trip.


2:31 pm pdt 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Currant state of affairs USA vs/re Asimov's Foundation series universe

When a society reaches the point of corruption, or
dysfunction that it is unable to effectively govern
itself..Problems in said efforts to govern will appear.

Under these simple truths...many shortcomings
within the efforts of the Obama administration can
be more readily understood... Does not explain away
all the failures...communicative or otherwise...

Nor does this "understanding" count as acceptance,
or any form of approval toward those issues found to
be "problematic..some very much so..

It's simple a statement of "awareness" of problems
caused through other realities than
incompetence/ignorance or ,,

But then why is not the bully pulpit being used to reach
to the people more effectively???


12:05 pm pdt 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RE: Recent IRS disclosures..etc..
I find it very disturbing, that continueing trends seem
to indicate..that it matters not whether it is the
Democrats or Republicans who hold sway, but after just
a short period in which one party may display a process
of dominance, how ever slight...

That shortly there after behavior will then be displayed
the clearly indicates that no effective controlling
percentage of a said parties leadership etc.. can keep
from demonstrating that they have not a clue about
the principles under which our country should be

Colin Stuart McCoy

Update 5/22/13: Recently an IRS head claims 5th amendment
protection when questioned,  always an encouraging sign
from a U.S. Government official.
6:51 pm pdt 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing
Boston Marathon Bombing,, So pointless,
so tragic.. Tremendous sympathy for victims..

How "these" young men could have life experiences
that could transfer or end up expressing
themselves in this manner onto the streets of
Boston is going to be one of those cases, I
believe, that will not make any rational sense
in any way..

Additionally you have the second younger
suspect, who appears to perhaps have been in
a position to have his thoughts and actions
influenced by an older sibling.. End result being
that a young person who had won scholarships
ect..Just threw his life away.. pointless

I hope it is not determined at a later date that
their motivation came from fundamentalist
related religious/cultural influence..

But this hope may be forlorn.. not as if any
other investigative discovery could in any way
provide the slightest satisfaction..

8:03 am pdt 

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Pope is leaving...

I've been thinking about this for a week or so..

I was really beginning to like having this Pope
around..having someone around who was so routinely
saying profoundly ingnorant, discriminatory, or hateful
things was very useful to a person such as myself who
is moving more in the direction of the next phase of
our operations..

Which is...Restoring needed aspects of truth, reason.
and intellectual honesty to religious practices...

Goal being to eliminate the harmful effects of magical
thinking, or thinking/processes that allow some people
to "hang the hats" of their dysfunctional thinking on
"God" --the "Bible"-- the teachings of their local Pastor,
Preacher, Father etc..

What I believe is going to happen is that the Catholic
church is going to elect a Pope that is younger, and
perhaps better versed in modern communication
technologies...However I believe it is also very likely
that the next Pope will be of a conservative bent..
rather than someone who is interested in moving the
church forward..

As such I think the church will find, just as the KKK did,
that you can't take stupidity, ignorance, of lack of
intellectual honesty, shine/polish it up, and create
something of value out of something lacking of same..

Colin Stuart McCoy

Update..3/14/13 Potentially good news--Looks like the
new Pope "Francis" is going to continue the helpful
tradition of saying ignorant and discriminatory
statements..this will continue to aid our efforts..

Update.. 1/20/14 Since this post was written I have to say, "Knock on wood",. that the new Pope has appeared to be putting far more consideration into what he says. I have to say that I have found many of his recent comments to be "progressive/positive/supportive" sounding toward much needed organizational progressive minded evolutions..Just need to see if this translates into needed policy reforms? 

9:06 am pst 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Recent national debate on U.S. fiat currency properties...

Regarding such issues as the Trillion Dollar Coin
Proposal, as well as statements seen recently that
currency can be created without an attached creation
of debt...

While the use of "The Trillion Dollar Coin" as a
vehicle is new... 

The properties/potentials being discussed have all
been presented close to twenty years ago by 
Colin Stuart McCoy- The Sunrise Foundation,
in dialog related to the concept of --
"Realistic Monetarism" or "Realistic-reality based-

We pointed out similar properties in our discussions
about certificates of deposit "that were treated like
paper" gold.. upon which new currency could be
issued.. as well as many, many others..


10:32 am pst 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Obama reported to be committed to assault rifle ban??
If the title of this post is accurate, then again, President
Obama has targeted an inappropriate path/response to
the problem we face with certain acts or exposures to
gun violence in our society..

Before any ban is considered, what should happen first
should include a study and a discussion on the societal
instances of hypocrisy/insanity within U.S. society that can
play a contributing role in such related tragedies..

Then what should happen, should be a practical
consideration of updating the rules and regulation related
to the storage, transport, and appropriate use of
assault rifle category weapons.

After which a period of monitoring/study should take place.

Colin Stuart McCoy

Increased public safety on these related issues will best be
found within the reality that as a species, we are in fact
largely non-violent/sane when it comes to matters of our
willingness or lack there of, to engage in lethal confrontations..

The solution to these related problems will only come
through the passage of laws that punish those who fail to be
as responsible as their ownership of deady weapons requires.
I.E. in the areas of storage..transport ect...

Culturally, trying to ban or eliminate these weapons from
private ownership is not a workable solution, it also comes with
many logical cracks through which a person can easily see how
such restrictions would further reduce our freedoms without
providing a positive societal benefit equal to that which is lost.
12:49 pm pst 

Pope Benedict comments on LGBT rights to marry
Marriage has long been recognized as both a social and legal
Union.  It is a process that creates rights and responsibilities
for those who choose to enter into such an arrangement.

The writing is on the wall everyone..accept it..Any persons who
have reached the age of consent should have the right to enter
into such a relationship if they should so choose.

Pope Benedict's reported comments that LGBT participation in
the marriage process is a threat to "Justice" etc, etc.. Is
profoundly ignorant, promotes harm/discrimination and borders
upon hate speech..

It should be censored as such internationally!!!


Colin Stuart McCoy

RE: Recent petition submitted through White House
petition program..petition seeks to have the Catholic church
listed as a hate group...I like this it very much..
10:36 am pst 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greenspan, I disgree strongly with his position

Apparently Mr. Greenspan may have said that "a recession is
a small price to pay" to balance the budget, and stabilize-
reduce the national dept? If so..

Greenspan is mistaken..time on the clock is out..the system
must evolve or a lot of people are going to be harmed or die
needlessly. Through reduced support, or collapse of critical
infrastructure due to lack of needed financial resources.

Greenspan is mistaken..time on the clock is out..the system
must evolve or any hope of helping restore environmental
health to the planet in the time frames needed will be an
impossibility. (May be an impossibility already)

Colin Stuart McCoy

12:47 pm pst 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Economic predictions

I believe our nations residents/citizens will not accept-
allow the type of budget cuts needed to restore needed
stability to what I consider to be an economic system
heading for eventual collapse..Nor do I believe our
political system has the will, or interest to do like wise.

I believe such cuts would be unwise.  

A huge part of the problems as I see it, is that the level
of cuts, the austerity measures required to "Balance"
the budget, pay off the National Dept, end deficit
spending to the extent required, would cause a serious
economic recession/perhaps depression.. as such it is
unacceptable. Furthermore such reductions in spending
would created equally un-palatable social, quality of
life de-generations that would also not be acceptable.

Ultimately, when change comes, it will need to
incorporate many, if not all of the principles/processes
contained within "Realistic Monetarism" requirements.

Colin Stuart McCoy

8:39 am pst 

2012 Presidential election.. Who won?? Who lost..??

In my Opinion the Republican party did more to
lose the election than Democrats/President Obama did
to win it.. Both parties suffered from lower voter turnouts
than prevously seen highs, in last approx 3 Presidential

President Obama had approx 4.5 million fewer votes cast
for his re-election in 2012 than were cast in his favor in
2008..I believe this to be representative of an exodus 
of what I will call "The Progressive Idealist" ..

It should be noted that the last two Republican candidates,
McCain/Romney have both received between approx 4-5
million fewer votes than Bush Jr. had in 2004.
(Excellence of results through promotion- support of
un-educated ignorance?) 

If Romney could have managed the same level of support,
62 million votes, that Bush received in 2004, he would
have guess.. 

Both the Republican and Democrat parties need to wake up
and smell the coffee.. We have a planet that is bucking like
an unbroken bronco environmentally, we have serious
systemic social and economic failures boiling..

Hope someone starts paying greater attention. measurable
by the presence of more effective dialog, and actions.


8:02 am pst 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Person arrested after failed effort to blow up NY Federal Reserve.
I'll tell you what, I find a certain comfort in the
fact, that contrary to some areas of complaint
concerning potential law enforcement short
comings? - As related to 9/11-- That it appears
today that relatively effective detection and
processes of apprehension/tracking are in effect.

This in regards to persons making noises about
their desires to wage criminal Jihad against the
U.S. or it's residents..

..and then taking solid steps in the fulfillment of
those desires..

Two things, as long as no viable related issues
of entrapment arise..and as long as these
processes do not lead to a return or growth in
activities that could be considered a risk to civil
rights/liberties//I.E. Co-intelpro type stuff.

Good job, and thank you FBI.


Update: 4/25/13  In regards to Boston, and to
what degree/extent said event may have
changed the opinions expressed in this post...
A respected activist has made a point, a point
that has troubling implications..I.E. that those
recent plots foiled by the FBI have been those
"Plots with the FBI as active participants, etc"
Where as Boston was not..and in Boston we see
some of the same types of failures, perhaps
not as egregious, but there, as we have seen in
past incidents that have resulted in death or
12:51 pm pdt 

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