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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Living in a non-free, absolutely controlled, manufactured, terminally ill environment.

First, it's not really living, not really, not even close, for far too many people.

It's going to get worse. 

All processes related to the above clearly led to Trump becoming President of these United States back in 2016.

Now, after three plus years of these inferred continued problems/horrors, being force multiplied by Trump, and then being further inflicted upon us on a daily basis...

The best that the powers that be will allow us, the slave drones to vote for in opposition, appears to be Joe Biden..

( I have come to lean towards/accept the position that Joe Biden may have been the only candidate, "out of those available", that could have won the election..Again so far, mostly so good..keeping fingers crossed..go Joe)

(Update: 1/08/21) Where I have chosen to put my faith is in the hope that Joe Biden and his experienced team, have learned needed lessons from past mistakes. As of 1/8/21 so far so good...

Typically I get kicked in the teeth about 15 seconds after I try to be positive/hopeful...Now we shall have to wait and see. 

8:16 am pdt 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Senator John McCain, Born Aug 29th, 1936. Passed Aug 25th, 2018
In the 2008 presidential contest, time leading up to same.. I took some cheap shots at Senator McCain....One  a man of Senator McCain's stature need not spare even a brief moment in response to the non-issue aspects of this, nor did he. He was a man easy to admire, respect.. His time as a POW, his conduct during this time was far above and beyond that expected from the best of us, which he demonstrated clearly he was... Two things.. It was only that he ran against Obama, whom I felt was the better candidate for our nation, but also the failure presented by his team as it selected his running mate..combined with a couple off the cuff statements, such as "Bomb Bomb Iran ect.." That indicated to me that he was not the best choice for the USA, at that time, but I'll tell you what....his courage, integrity, honor ect..if you were a person up against it...or a nation/it's people.. having John McCain in your corner would be for me, a much appreciated, welcome, and sought after reality..from a time in which even the second option was so far above anything that is currently present.. You are already missed.
1:35 pm pdt 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Realistic Monetarism

We're going to be talking about this some more over the next bit.


12:37 pm pdt 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

President Obama - Iran Nuke Deal

It was the correct thing to do...It appears to have been done as well as operational realities could permit...If things do not go well, it puts the USA into a better position to deal with such. It took real political courage to attempt/complete.. The President/Team deserves some real credit/respect for working through this.


9:40 am pdt 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Continued success noted..

With the recent news reports related to criminal justice topics, combined with much of the reform based activity coming from the Vatican.. We add to our success in the growth of positive awarenesses, reform activities related to global/U.S. monetary, religious, environment, criminal justice targets. It took years of work to help bring forth the current changes coming out of the Vatican.

Current efforts are now being focused towards accelerating rate of needed change, as well as continued focus on the growth of awareness needed in bringing about "it takes a village-inclusiveness"  while ending current negatives related to "it takes a village-armed with torches and pitch forks- processes of needless and harmful exclusions"


(Update 2/8/17:) Unfortunately- Yes, a Trump presidency does come under  "accelerating rate of needed change". When the Dems eliminated Sen. Sanders from the line up, Option two "Trump" became the nuclear Gaian choice... Essentially, in order to save the planet, the human species, perhaps the nation..negatives needed to be accelerated, this has been discussed in past posts.."Knocking the wheels off the bus" forcing needed growth in awareness and participation..Could it get ugly? Yes it could.. How ugly? a figure of 600 million remaining human inhabitants has been predicted and tossed around for a very long time. Let us hope for far better outcomes. 

(Update 1/08/21:) Couple weeks to go, well it has been what it has been, my hope at this point is that those that take office after Trump, will have learned important lessons, regained appreciation for needed values, conduct ect.. The human race is in a tough spot right now, far too many innocent people have been negatively impacted through the needlessly harmful processes that have brought us to where we are today. The coming days, weeks months and years will tell the tale..If the Biden teams fails even moderately, what will follow will make many of us to look fondly back upon these past horrible months/years. as a time of plenty and realitive well being. (Yes, failure at this point will have extremely grim consequences.)


12:16 pm pdt 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Deepest sympathy to the Biden family for their loss.

So very sorry, thoughts are with the Biden's..


3:09 pm pdt 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally... Wide spread reports across nation of criminal court processes/conviction review efforts getting more fully under way.

While I rejoice at this increase in awareness and activity, I mourn the thousands upon thousands of lives needlessly/unjustly, negatively impacted or destroyed by these related McCarthy-istic era/processes of wrongful or "over-convicted/punished" criminal court processes, that were/are being allowed to go on due to fear based policy creation, dangerous cultural shifts away from an appreciation for concepts supportive of liberty and justice, and under funding of critical criminal court infrastructures, Infrastructure originally put in place to help protect all accused. -and thus the innocent as well.

(You go back 20 -30 yrs, and yes we had problems with perceived and real inconsistency, or flat out lack of accountability in criminal sentencing processes/law making. Our country began a needed shift--but the process became hi-jacked by those who used fear vs reason/research based reforms, plus the "war on drugs" was incorporated/grafted to the process--the sheeple went along as planned due to successful dumbing down and media conditioning/impact. - Then the recession of 07/08 hit in earnest.. A national/cultural disaster that will take decades to mitigate results.)

Another victory for the 100's, 1000's people and organizations similar to the Sunrise Foundation that are helping to bring about the above mentioned positive awareness shift.


Our courts have been getting it wrong at least 4.1%  in capital cases..yes we have been sending innocent people to their deaths through out the modern era.. It's worse for non-capital cases.. 100,000 thousand factually innocent people in our prisons today?- perhaps more..?..millions who have made it back out into society and walk the streets today, as permanent second class citizens ..What kind of a godless, animalistic society could permit this to go on?? USA.. Largest prison population in the world..per capita, as well as just numerically. Land of the free--Bullshit, not even close....( free to be un -educated, free to stumble around and act upon opinions with out the support of facts, ect..)

Free ?... free to operate societally in far to many instances, with no greater sophistication of thought or process than those times in which people were burned for being witches or heretics..

We are a culture of the 15-30 second sound bite, we have allowed critical aspects of our society to become corrupted, in our desire to increase ease of control over important community operations, we have betrayed those hard won human abilities/appreciations for intellectual honesty, reason.. in so doing we are slowly rendering extinct-(currently endangered)- the concept/responsibility for facilitative dialog as an integral part of the process in our governmental operations.. (all aspects)--from the local town hall, or parent teacher conference, to the halls of Congress or United Nations. 

And the world of "Idiocracy " grows.. to be culminated by what will be refered to by our decendants as "the big swim".. this being, the period of our history where the global population drops to around 600 million..



5:10 pm pdt 

Friday, September 26, 2014

U.S. Attorney General- Mr. Eric Holder

Dear Mr Holder. You served our nation, it's citizens with honor and integrity. You helped to restore aspects of trust/reason and integrity to processes that had been lacking in needed quantities of same for far too long..

Best wishes on your future endeavors...I hope with all my heart, that whom ever is chosen to take the position next, follows your lead and builds upon, in a positive fashion, your legacy.


Colin McCoy 

11:14 am pdt 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Realistic Monetarism, Realistic Reality Based Monetarism- It's for real.

Realistic Monetarism-- I was asked "if it's "real"? Would it work? Yes, it's real..Yes, it works!!! Consider this..We are currently spending approx 2.8 billion dollars per day more than we take in, in tax revenues...We are currently sitting at $17.8 trillion dollars on our National Debt.. That's $17.8 trillion dollars we have spent as a nation over and above tax revenues..Some we have borrowed..some we have essentially created out of thin air..

We need to consider the possibility that those funds borrowed, were borrowed, in order to help maintain the illusion behind U.S. and other global fiat currencies. An illusion, which is, that currency/money represents a finite resource within our traditional understandings of the term.-- ..I.E. that money is a resource like wheat, or gasoline..... but it is not..

Look what we have been doing..the wheels have not come off the bus....Let's lose the pretext.. Let's let everyone in on the game..

Clearly we see the potentials..It's the future..It's where we are going if we are going to survive, productively, progressively as a species..

Clearly if properly managed..hundreds of billions could be additionally infused into the the benefit of the poor, the sick,. the environment..ect.. and done safely!!!

This process could occur in every national economy across the globe..

 "Realistic Monetarism".. It's the future!! It's the next global economic "ism".

Colin Stuart McCoy 


10:07 am pdt 

Sunday, July 27, 2014


As long as the west continues to embrace a "Neville Chamberlain" strategy in the Ukraine, rest assured, history will repeat itself given the opportunity..At this time, due to delays, it is very unlikely that it would be productive for the United States to provide much more aggressive, non-economic/sanction based support without the support of it's European allies. Europe and the USA need to be thinking in terms of a "Berlin Airlift" united style of effort, in conjunction with the same degree of resolve found during that period, as well as that seen during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ship, tanker leases need to be being actively and publicly explored. Alternative supply lines created. I E. assets required to make an embargo of Russian gas/oil feasible need to be seen being actively sought out. While earlier in the crisis some moves could have been made without telegraphing significantly ahead of time these related intentions, now the Russian Government needs to be told quietly, non publicly.. that they need to seal their borders with Eastern Ukraine, in regards to any and all military support, The cross border artillery use must end..Or NATO/USA will come in and help seal the borders,  and keep, create the foundations for peace, themselves,, and if Russia wants a war they cannot win,, If President Putin wishes to explore an end to his political career similar to what Saddam Hussein experienced..Then by all means order Russian military forces to fire upon allied peace keepers. Bottom line, the violence must stop, if the current situation is allowed to continue, odds of escalation, or unacceptable outcomes will grow.

(Ukraine should be a battle of ideas, with the Ukrainian government and people able to freely interact/ socialize and do business with those people, organizations that they individually or collectively feel would be in their best interests,,Instead of what is currently ongoing..I would like the steps needed to end the violence taken, followed by the international community getting to see the West, Russia, as well as the global community come together in a spirit of co-operation, making the best proposals for Ukraine, and then I would like to see this process spread across the globe.)

Re: Hardlines... Sometimes being able to see the brick wall that could potentially present, can allow more co-operative policy creation/decisions, and dialog to occur?

4:00 pm pdt 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Africa, ongoing Ebola outbreak

I hope the people, organizations responsible for tracking and resolving such events are doing their jobs.. I would suggest/hope that developed/western countries are putting in place the needed number of investigators, and trained medical personnel needed to double, perhaps triple the numbers currently deployed. I would hope that these people would be ready to go within a couple weeks if not sooner if the number of new cases does not drop significantly soon. Infected people escaping from hospitals in a nations capital, or becoming highly symptomatic on jet airliners, not what we want to be seeing at this time. CSM

Point of consideration being..without sounding disproportionately concerned based upon the realities of Ebola's current degree of communicability. Organisms will typically attempt to evolve in the direction that will give them the best chance of survival...Including virus's... Each out break provides the virus an opportunity to evolve into a strain which could possess a greater degree of communicability. Why play around, get out in front of the outbreak, eliminate potentials for said evolution. 

12:57 pm pdt 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pope Francis-- Marijuana policy statement about as wrong as you can be.

Reports claim that Pope Francis is against the legalization of marijuana..Pope demonstrates he is still capable of being about as wrong or demonstratively ignorant of needed reforms in this area as is humanly possible. Nothing "needed" in support of justice, or truth, or the promotion of a healthier society exists within Pope's stated position. 



5:04 pm pdt 


It is beginning to look increasingly unfortunate that Ukraine was not timely provided the needed resources to secure their borders..  

I think I remember this suggestion being made?


11:26 am pdt 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


It has just been reported that the monthly death toll from sectarian, or anti government violence has climbed to nearly 800 persons.. Roughly being broken down as 600 civilian, and 200 security force personnel. 

I keep hearing the voice of some idiot saying "mission accomplished"..

I continue to see some clear similarities between current events in Iraq, and those events that took place in Vietnam ending in 1975. 


6/11/14 update.. News reports have been coming in that report anti-gov forces have seized control of many towns and cities over the past 6 mths give or take.."ISIS". 

11:54 am pdt 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Update: What about separation of church and state? and Tigard Tualatin School District another troubling situation not addressed?

On two Posts dated Aug 23,25, 2010..

I recently re-read these posts..I am not overly satisfied with the entirety of these posts, as they tend to be overly wordy, and they lacked clarity on some important issues that I did not catch first time through.

I think a point I was considering, one of many, was that we currently are able to separate from employment in the public sector those people that belong or support notorious hate/discriminatory groups. I also found the efforts that universities take to accommodate those students who are rightfully offended by the presence of such thinkers, who are members of the teaching faculty, of interest. I think I then extrapolated, as our awareness's continue to grow about discriminatory groups and processes..What about mainstream social groups or religions that have been causing life destroying harms through their ongoing discriminatory "cultural/intellectual" processes. Why should a person or group get a pass on accountability just because they claim the harm they do is based upon their faith/religion- I say that they, or their group should not..We just need to be sure and not go too far into areas of past historical failures while we address these very real social shortcomings.

We need to be sure and stay away from those other failures while we attempt to discuss and then resolve, in a positive fashion, these very real societal harmful contributors. 

And really if you have/had a religious organization/s willing to use it's political/financial power to destroy lives or pass legislation that allows groups of people to be targeted by these "church's" discriminatory processes, Why should the members of these organizations be surprised if they find that by their actions, they/their groups have finally reached the point that the backlash to said actions becomes similar to that experienced by the more notorious hate/discriminatory groups in our society.

(The realities behind these truths raises some tough problems, but issues and problems that must be addressed regardless. How do we have real/honest needed conversations about harmful processes and their real/actual origins, and create from those conversations other needed progressive growth in awareness's or realities that will be actually able to aid human society in the time lines required. For human society must face the real and pressing need to accomplish some very critical global/regional course corrections..and do so without factually crossing lines that should not be crossed, or inflaming the irrational natures/reactions of those no longer capable of having rational conversations about very important human social/cultural issues in need of reform/ improvement?)


I think the general conclusions/concerns are still right on the money..I think that there is some measurable validity, as with some forms of police profiling, that problematic behaviors may be noted or experienced within certain groups/or associative organizations. I also think that some personal associations, such as being a card carrying KKK, or Skin Head member may be a valid dis-qualifier for many public sector, tax payer funded positions of employment, and the courts of the U.S. agree.

So, to be clear, on the issue of hiring for public sector, tax payer funded employment positions..I do not support any process that would, in the overwhelming number of real world possibilities, support any process where a persons religious affiliations would be something that would have to be disclosed or even discussed, or sought after. Simple affiliation is not a fair, safe, appropriate/reliable indicator in and of itself, in this particular area. 

I do support more vigorous hiring standards training and processes that would screen out those persons that have discriminatory beliefs. ( Pretty much, discrimination in all things has a overwhelmingly strong link to ignorance and intellectual dishonesty. Address these societal shortcomings and you would help eliminate discriminatory processes.)

Again acceptable processes would look very much like those that have been successful in eliminating those persons that embrace racial or gender discrimination from the ranks of public sector, tax payer funded employment positions. Noting that as of this date, in these areas room for improvement, as problems still exists, remain.  


6:34 am pdt 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am concerned that Putin's perception that Obama is a wimp may lead to further Russian Military intervention in the Ukraine and the deaths of innocent civilians?

Yup.. I hope I am wrong..

WWlll, wish I could say it's was absolutely not a possibility. 

Update: 5/2/14 Family member asked if I thought Obama was a wimp. No, absolutely not. I just hope he has a better view of things than I do. Which is a hope that I have found to be forlorn on more than one or two occasions in the past.

10:23 am pdt 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ukraine- It's time for the U.S. and NATO to put troops on the ground in Ukraine.

Western Intelligence should have an actionable idea about what the current degree of public support exists in eastern Ukraine, regarding the militant pro Russian separatists. If the majority of the population just wants to get along and live in peace with one another, and if the actions or threats of violence presented by the actions of the pro-Russian separatists is not acceptable to the majority of the Eastern Ukraine populace..The time for NATO/U.S. ground forces to be quickly deployed in effective defensive positions along the Ukrainian border with Russia, as well as the between the recently redrawn Crimean borders and eastern Ukraine, Is now.

Key question then being.. If Russia/Putin effectively removed as a source of support or sustenance for the pro-Russian separatists militant efforts will majority of eastern Ukrainian population       stand down and allow non-violent solutions to be created or found? 

The Ukrainian national forces could retake needed areas and facilities. Deal with the Crimea later.

We cannot telegraph Russia/President Putin that this is in fact going to happen. President Putin/Russia needs to quickly exert it's/his full political-diplomatic capability, and get the Pro-Russian separatists to honor the recent agreement, that calls for dis-armament and surrendering of Ukrainian assets to current Ukrainian Gov. If that is, Russia/President Putin wishes to avoid the above NATO/U.S. move.

11:41 am pdt 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tragic Jewish Center Shooting- Kansas
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the victims in this senseless incident. Arrested suspect, a reported former kkk grand dragon..I will never understand this...How can a persons thoughts become so distorted/deranged. These people, as well as his "intended" targets had never done anything negative towards the suspect..Mindless hate run amok..was there a possibility for intervention? prior?? So absolutely pointless.
6:24 pm pdt 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

News reports that China will soon have first military base in Africa
Above mentioned base is reported to be located in Zimbabwe. Further reports indicate it is to be an airbase.. Who could have possibly predicted such developments...:-)  CSM
3:24 pm pdt 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ukraine, Russia, President Putin

Dear President Putin,

Many of your thoughts, beliefs, are well known.

Conjecture about a restoration of a political entity similar to that which existed during the days of the USSR is not realistic under the realities of current global evolutions. As to current situation in the Ukraine..

It is reasonable, as long as you go no further and damage to/or loss of human life does not further result, to expect Ukraine, NATO, The West to support long term security arrangements for Russian military bases/interests in the Crimea 

It is reasonable to, as long as you back up, and remove Russian Military operations from Ukrainian sovereign territory, to expect, Ukraine, NATO, The West to support strongly worded trade protections/access treaty's supportive of Russian export interests.

Sir, Economically Your/Russia position is the weaker one, you cannot prevail, you can only do more harm to your country than to others in both the long term, as well as short term. 

Militarily the Russian position is untenable, no chance for victory under the horrible prospects related to what will transpire if the major parties involved come into such a conflict.

You can still save face, as things stand now..but if things go much further, that will not be possible and ultimately it is projected that your own people will become frustrated with your efforts and your energies will be spent in trying to survive politically at home. 


Colin Stuart McCoy - The Sunrise Foundation 

Update: 3/19/14  President Putin is pushing too hard. The key to best possible outcomes and positively managed future potential lie in non-violence, dialog and diplomacy. The aggressiveness with which President Putin is pursuing his objectives will force the West and NATO to respond with not only more aggressive sanctions but resource re-allocations which will allow Russian gas exports shipped through the Ukraine to be eventually blocked, with the West, NATO then being in a better position to withstand the difficulties that would be more pronounced otherwise. President Putin fears/knows that if he allows pure self determination, conducted without the presence of Russian troops...That issues of personal freedom, and personal economic advantage will become apparent to all involved. Ukraine shifts/re-aligns with the west. His conduct, if it results in more death and property destruction will devolve into open military conflict that the west will not simply sit aside and watch. If his efforts continue, and he pushes further into eastern Ukraine, he will trigger an economic situation in which he/Russia will not benefit, will actually be seriously negatively impacted. Plus he will have created a civil war potential within the re-drawn borders. This is not an acceptable way to progress. As has been noted, Putin's behavior, negates much of the realities historic and otherwise upon which strengthens the Russian position-perspective, and paints Putin as just another petty dictator with ignorant Russian television personalities putting out ridiculous "nuclear threat" language potentials. Dangerous, distracting, unacceptable.

Update: 3/28/14 If western intelligence analysts conclude that Putin does in fact intend to invade/push further into Ukraine militarily. If the goal is to take action that will prevent this, and in so doing prevent all that would result. The U.S. and NATO, upon invitation from Ukraine, must put troops on the ground. It must be made clear that if Russia intends to invade, that the Russian military will have to go through the U.S., NATO forces..Implication being, if this is how Putin wants to play it.. It will mean war with the west. ( I am at a loss as to what Putin is trying to accomplish- to me it appears-troop build up, military supply line establishment- to be insanity personified? ) 

President Putin needs to be told, if it is concluded that the Russian military activity along the Ukrainian border is not "normal"..that said activity must cease and de-escalate or U.S., NATO Troops will begin to be deployed, upon Ukrainian invitation, along the border regions within Ukraine.

Update: 4/11/14 Russia claims Ukraine has an outstanding debt obligation for past Gas/energy shipments/discounts, in the range of approximately $34 Billion give or take..If true..and if we value Ukraine having the best chance to positively resolve all current issues with Russia.. I think the U.S. & NATO countries need to put a fair payment plan on the table that protects everyones interest, and should do so as quickly as possible. 

1:32 pm pst 

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