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Campus Activism- A great site to stay in touch.

Money and the federal reserve system: Myth and reality. By G. Thomas Woodward-Specialist in Macro economics. Economics Division July 31, 1996. This is a solid site to get your feet wet on. We also highly recommend a book by Author William Greider. SECRETS OF THE TEMPLE-How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country.

Repudiate The National Debt: by Mr. Murry N. Rothbard. This is another well written piece, it's a little dated, as you can see from the numbers tossed around, but the basic points made still remain very solid and worthy of consideration. Mr. Rothbard (B1925-D1995)Essay posted on

America's Fiscal End Game: Debt Repudiation? Provided by

As you study the issue of Debt Repudiation you will come to see that it is, in and of itself, still only a stop gap measure. If the goal is to move forward, uniform and stabilize the global economy, get past the cause and effect recurring problems existant due to our refusing to abandon a deeply flawed system/perspective..we will need to institute a process reflective of our proposals under our "Realistic Monetarism".

Portland Independent media center

Go to A great website for information on the wrongly convicted, Provides information on the many areas where our judicial system fails and harms the innocent.

A short history of FBI Co-intelpro by Mike Cassidy and Will Miller. A good site to begin your research. Link takes you to "The Albion Monitor"

On June 11th, 2002 Ms. Bari and Mr. Cherney were awarded 4.4 million dollars for damages they were found to have suffered due to their arrests and attempted prosecution by our government. At the end of the day the only people found to have behaved improperly by the Jury were those connected to the governments failed attempts at prosecution. Of the 4.4 million awarded 4.0 million was paid.

Cointelpro, The untold American story. Contains information on individual cases, as well as ongoing evidence into the mid 1990's. This link takes you to the Website of Third World Traveler.

"Dairy of a Gangstalking Target" One of many places to begin looking into the aspects of these activities.

Terrorist/Gang Stalking in America. Go to the website (This is a site that provides info on the "Gang Stalking crime wave" ongoing in the U.S.A. today. (It's one place to begin your research to get an idea about what is taking place. Unfortunately on it you can find much that I do not subscribe to or find credible..but this link takes you to a solid report that is accurate in its presentation)

What's Wrong With Fusion Centers? Authors: Mr. Michael German & Mr. Jay Stanley Acknowledgement: Ms. Anh-Thu Nguyen If you want to understand what a fusion center is, this is a great place to start..

As an activist who has been around the block a few times, what I can report based upon personal experience or the interviews of other credible activists I have met, is that the human to human activities described in the sites to which links have been provided are very accurate as to what is taking place. It is really a form of Vigilantism, Harassment, that often looks like it has a direct link to or is a relative of what are called "cointel-pro or failed community policing related types of activities". As far as the more sci-fi, or fanciful issues go.. I have yet to find a credible source, and approach these issue with skepticism.

Does not mean this tech is not available, I just have not found anyone who could credibly indicate that it is deployed or in use against civilians/activists. 
I have seen reports that indicate that false claims of these activities, found on the internet range from a low of Aprox. 15% to a high estimate of 90%, give or take. As such I state the following...

A recognized problem within the growing stalking phenomena is the fact that there are both people who have psychological issues that makes them susceptible to experiencing "false" positives, as well as that there are people out there that are putting out "goofy" info, a smoke a screen effort. The vast majority of the activists or other people who are actually dealing with this in their lives will seldom post the "fine details" of their experiences, for a number of valid reasons.

Key word searches are so easy to do. Just let your fingers do the walking/typing. Research (Federal Reserve, creation of money, gold reserves, M-1,M-2,M-3,M-4,M-5..)
In all things in our lives we perform what is called, our due diligence, in all important matters regarding what we have been told. When it comes to our relationship with our "faith" this process overwhelmingly disappears. Never before in our history has the information on the full extent to which our faiths have been manipulated, by people lacking integrity, been as readily available.

We also believe that people should become well versed on the following terms, and how activities related to these terms have been slowly inserted or reinserted into our lives.(Gangstalking, Project/Operation Mockingbird, Modern cointelpro, False Flag, 1962 Operation Northwoods, Vigilantism.) We recommend additional research into the relationship between community based policing and modern vigilantism. Current main delivery points include our public school systems.. Learn about Cultural Bias, Micro-Inquities.. Take some time to look into police use of what activists or the targeted sometime refer to as "street theatre" I.E. staged public events..with an apparent goal to entrap, trip up, or cause ongoing distress to the targeted. The information is still out there, seek it out. It's up to you, if you need help contact us.

                                           Hang in There

So that every person may be free and reach their fullest desired potential.