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An improved global economic structure brought about through the implementation of processes represented in our discussions of "Realistic Monetarism".

The primary goal of our efforts is to raise the awareness of people about the physical realities of our national, and international currencies. Then as people become more educated on these monetary issues, operational changes that we discuss through out this web site could then be implemented through democratic processes. Goal being to create the needed improved/evolved infrastructural tools that would allow a more healthy decision making process to come into being, allowing the resources needed to address our global environmental and social needs to be accessed and applied, in the most timely and humane fashion possible, giving us not only our best chance to survive the current environmental, social , resource challenges we face globally, but to do so with the best chances to avoid the needless casualties our current systems have proven repeatedly that they can not effectively avoid.

The Sunrise Foundation was founded by people who strive
to be politically, socially, economically, and 
environmentally aware.
Our purpose is to reach out to like minded, philosophically active/adventurous people who want to help us correct, and halt further possible occurances of the most damaging of current societal errors, while at the same time moving towards our goal of creating the dialog needed to facilitate the creation of a more evolved and enlightened society.
A society where all people have the best chance to reach their life goals/potential, living in harmony with one another, while staying more in tune to the needs of our planet's environmental health.
If you see yourself as being someone who wants to be a part of what is described above, we need you. If you see yourself as being someone who has something to offer, even if it's just moral support, we need you. If you are looking for a different set of tools through which to observe events around yourseIf , we need you with us. If you find yourself in disagreement with items found at this website, and can communicate those disagreements in a constructive manner, we need and want to hear from you.

Please contact us if you have any
questions or suggestions.
Thank you.

George Bernard Shaw; Appears to have thought that telling people the truth could be so dangerous, that it could get a person killed, safer if you incorporate humor into the process. 

Henry Ford Sr.; Indicated his opinion was, that if the average citizen gained full knowledge of the nature of the U.S. banking/monetary system that it could lead to revolution?  

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control
the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by
deflation, the banks... will deprive the people of all
property until their children wake- up homeless on the
continent their fathers conquered." (I, however, don't like the
whole conquered concept. CSM)---
"The issuing power should be taken from the banks and
restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."
Thomas Jefferson
These are strong statements, but they reflect truisms easily
seen in our society today. Something we must work to

We believe our society has, "as functional majority", reached a point of unconsciousness, hypocrisy and historical ignorance.

We believe that this condition has, at this time, reached a point that threatens the continued well being/survival and forward evolution of the human race.

We offer the opportunity for safe conversation and interaction aimed at bringing people together in an atmosphere of intellectual honesty, and through this process hopefully friendships and useful partnerships can be established, and through this effort we can work together to help foster an awakening of the damaged dysfunctional elements of the society mentioned above.

(Approach us in a friendly fashion, and we will respond in kind)

We had hoped that the selection of President elect Obama might be an indicator of the beginning of a much needed resurgence in both awareness and participation. Will have to wait and see... CSM 11/08/08   

Update 12/31/11 In light of President Obama's signing of the "Indefinite Detention" provision within the NDAA.. We must conclude the "Obama" experiment/hope a process that has failed to live up to our expectations to date.. CSM --11/6/12 Let us see what now will follow?

[Internal failures of process within the DNC lost Obama Democrat control of the "U.S. House of Representatives" ect, this seriously ham strung the Obama Adminstration on a number of issues. In spite of deserved criticisms of actions taken, or not, by the Obama administration, President Obama was a deservedly respected leader of these United States. He was Presidential, well spoken, promoted needed values ect..]

12/31/16 DNC corruption in support of Hillary Clinton, handed Trump the White House... In 2016 U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders looked to have been better positioned to beat Trump .. (2020, Due to increased familiarity?? USA changes in political landscape, a Sanders win did not look as possible, far too risky to attempt.. Trump needed to be gone! Joe Biden had just enough support from those more conservative ect.. to pull off a win, and it was far closer/narrower of a victory than any more healthy society would have delivered. Also Biden securing the nomination came from direct use of DNC open/honest "enough" use of the Democrat political machine. Far less of the Clinton B.S. present. 

09/20/17 -- Clearly, after watching the presidential primaries, followed by the Nov, 2016 election.. Critical decline clearly continues across the board relative to USA community health and needed cultural infrastructure, global well being, and environmental dangers, extinction level cascade effects continue in their approach.. Many models indicate that in the 5 yrs since 2012 points of no return have been reached re: Life ending failure in our global environmental health/global economy.

03/31/20 -- Noted degeneration in all areas I.E. social/political/environmental continue, and are accelerating as predicted. It is hoped that the global tragedy of the "Coronavirus - Covid-19" outbreak/emergency will serve as a catalyst-wake up call, helping to encourage transition to a USA/Global currency system governed by the principles/potentials available within "Realistic Monetarism." - This would, of course, require those able to aid in such an evolution/transition, to seek out needed knowledge on what "Realistic Monetarism" is, and how it works. (On this we are clearly "stuck" within the standard-you can lead a horse to water ect, ect scenario)

(The functional reality of being able to politically/physically do what is needed, has become, (2012)/(remains true 2017), (and growing expotentially in 2020), with the continued corruption of the U.S. political system, a practical impossibility. )

02/05/21 I wish Joe Biden success, it's too early for me to fully cultivate a healthy measure of hope.. at least we have a chance...If, if our leadership/our citizens have learned/relearned the hard lessons that "Dumpster fire Donald" was meant to teach.


So that every person may be free and reach their fullest desired potential.